Letter from a Board Member

Letter from Kristine Flythe

By: Kristine Flythe

Hello UVRC,

My name is Kristine Flythe, and most often folks in the Upper Valley call me Krissy. I have been in my official capacity as Recreation Coordinator with Lebanon Recreation & Parks since April of 2010, and prior to that time I was in a seasonal position with the summer Day Camp program Camp Kaleidoscope starting back in 2006. 

I’ve had the pleasure to sit in on the UVRC board while Paul Coats was on sabbatical.  In my time with UVRC board for the last year having only known folks by name and some familiarity I am highly impressed.  Each member brings their A game and accomplishes with great pride quite a bit for the members of the UVRC and the running community. 

Now Geoff asked me to write a letter in September.  He shared he could help with a topic if I needed it.  I decided to just wing it and hope that I can share something about myself and my family that is relatable and interesting.  

First and foremost, there is no doubt I’ve lost my sense of time. I shared in the previous paragraph that Geoff asked me in September to write something.  It’s now October and well I’ve had plenty of time to write something, right?!  Prior to COVID the struggle of work-life balance was real.  However, when your work-life balance turns into work-life-home balance all together it makes the balance even more REAL!

A perfect example while I write this piece.  I’ve had to stop because as my two boys, Avery who is 3 and August who is 6, decided they would race after a stuffed animal.  Keep in mind they had their lunch on the table which included an open smoothie.  Can you guess what happens next? Yes, the smoothie did spill.  However, it wasn’t just the small knock over on the table.  It was an epic spray of smoothie all over the couch, on to the carpet, covering the 3-year-old in smoothie, and holding time in a stand still as me (mom) cleaned up all the things. Truly I understand this is not awful, but it is a test of patience while also trying to work remotely and keep August who’s on a school schedule at home to eat lunch, have recess, and make his next remote meeting.

It’s the REAL version of the Game of Life almost.  Take out some plastic pieces, and you’ve got to choose adventures, a career, an awesome vacation, and of course someone spins to win instant wealth and fortune. Yet we all live our life for all those choices and more.  To know if you’ve spun your way to the right balance would be a personal satisfaction at the end of each day and a bit of gratitude as they say. 

Have I had adventure? In college I had the opportunity to study in Florence, Italy for a minor in Italian Studies. With a side of student loans that I’m still paying back.

Do I have a career? For a long time I thought I would be in higher education.  However now I’m in the Recreation field as well as manage my own small business as an Independent Senior Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts, and if anyone is holiday shopping feel free to take a look www.mythirtyone.com/kfly

Have I gone on an awesome vacation? Yes, my husband and I were lucky to have gone on a cruise to the Bahamas, and spend a week out in Sonoma Valley, California for our honeymoon.  All before kids of course! 

Do I have wealth & fortune? Yes we have our fur family too which includes 3 Shiba Inu dogs (Jasper, Lily, and Rowley).  We LOVE our home and continue to make improvements on it.  My husband, Alan that does so much for all of us,  and my 2 loving little boys as well as miscarriage to remember how fortunate we are. While the above is a quick glimpse into my life it is ALWAYS a work in progress and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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