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John’s marathon: A First timer’s approach in the time of COVID

By: John Saroyan

Like many of us in the Upper Valley Running Club, I deleted all the 2020 races I had placed on my calendar by the end of March. I decided to hold my own marathon, kind of but not quite like my ultramarathoner friend Larry Schlueter who used to run as many miles as he was old in the 90’s and early 0’s around a 2 mile loop in New Orleans’ Audubon Park.

Date: October 18, 2020

Start: 6:58 am

Course: 13 loops in Norwich (counterclockwise around Main, Turnpike, Moore and Beaver Meadow) + Church to Carpenter to Lary Lane

Total time: 4:19:55 (for splits see photo)

Fun factor: super high

T-shirt by: Joe (12) and Mark (9 ½)

Running friends: Kristin Fauci, Lisa Colgan, Kate Leiser, Emily Muse, Tony Gemignani

Most proud of: fun factor; friends and family support (on and off course—thank you UVRC for all the supportive messages!)

Next time: more strength training, more planning and attention to post-race recovery

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