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Our Members Rock! Art Exhibition at AVA Art Gallery

By: Robert "RJ" Jones

Our club is full of incredible humans from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and stories! I want to celebrate the aspects of our lives that go beyond running (although running is of course important too) and highlight the cool things our members are doing in a new segment I call “Our Members Rock!” which is also a factually accurate statement. 

This time we are taking a look into the art world with member Harrison Halaska! Harrison is an oil painter whose works focuses on “meaningful pursuits: thinking about life and death, the act of painting, color and form, an appreciation for every day, nature, and philosophical wondering about what one should do vs. what one does” See a sample of his work below.

Paintings by Harrison Halaska, 2020-2023, will be on view, May 5 to June 3, at AVA Gallery and Art Center in the E.N. Wennberg Gallery as a FREE exhibition. Three other artists, Kathy Black and Michael Heffernan, and Susan Calza, will also have work on exhibition. There will be an opening reception on Friday, May 5, 5- 7 pm. For more details, visit AVA’s website at:

A great opportunity to support the local arts and engage with the community in a unique and fun way! We look forward to the exhibition!

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