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Olympia, the Original Site of the Olympic Games

By: Lori Bliss Hill

Recently I traveled to Greece and toured the site of the official Olympic Games in Olympia. It was an amazing experience. A runner's dream. 

Below are a few pictures of the quarter-mile track, the archway where they would announce the athletes into the quarter-mile track, and of the starting line they found in the archeological dig. I got to run the track which was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. My proudest Strava upload to date. 

Off to the side of the track is the judges' area. I also stood at Hera`s Altar where the first Olympia flames were lit signifying the beginning of the games. 

When I was done I took a few small branches from the ancient olive tree next to the Temple of Zeus and wove myself a crown. We all know what those are used for.

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