Letter from a Board Member

Letter from a Board Member: Matt Sherman

By: Matt Sherman

My name is Matt Sherman and I’ve been a member of UVRC Board since 2021. I’ve been running with the club since 2018, though I’ve been taking a break from more consistent running as I’ve had some injuries keeping me off the road and trails. I’ve taken the opportunity to try out that thing called yoga and it’s been great for helping with mobility and strength, as I’m sure many of you can relate to! I’m more of an at-home, YouTube yoga practitioner (shout out to ‘Yoga with Adriene’ and Benji!), but the catalyst for me was going to baby goat yoga last summer down in Springfield, VT. That’s me down below with Princess Leia, who proceeded to run away immediately when I tried the classic baby-goat-on-back photo op. I didn’t take the rejection personally (well, not that personally). Baby goat yoga was a springboard for me to finally give the old yoga thing more of a go! I’m hoping that the increased mobility and strength can help get me back into running more consistently and we’ll see if 2023 is the year I get back into racing. My pre-Winter goal was to run the Shamrock Shuffle, but I unfortunately won’t be racing it this year. But if you’re reading this, YES, you should run the Shamrock Shuffle! It’s Saturday, March 18th in Lebanon and is a great local event!

With that, I hope you’re enjoying the classic New England weather, teasing us with spring warmth and coming back with snowfall for days. When it comes to winter activities, I always tell myself I’ll get out more and this will be the year I go cross country skiing and Nordic skating and winter hiking more often. But I also say the same thing about actually putting effort into my Halloween costume. Like “Next year, I’m actuallllly going to make some really cool homemade costume that’s a combination of some obscure reference and also punny” butttt I always end up going with my back up costume… Anyways! I know I’m looking forward to coming out of my hibernation and getting more active as we approach these warmer days. We’re almost there! See you all soon!

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