Race Announcements

March 2023 News and Announcements

By: Robert "RJ" Jones

Fam, in an effort to make us ever more efficient at disseminating knowledge I'm going to try to make this general News and Announcements a recurring thing for our Newsletter. So what follows are a couple things to keep on the radar and to stay updated with club happenings

Racing News

This month we have both a UVRS Race and a NHGP race!

March 18th is the annual and much beloved Shamrock Shuffle!! You can register for that here: https://lebanonnh.gov/816/Shamrock-Shuffle 

And be sure to do that before March 11th to get your t-shirt! Unless of course you already registered for the whole UVRS (you can do that here)

Later in the month on March 26th is our first NHGP race, the Nashua Soup Kitchen 10K. Info and registration for that is hither: https://nsks.org/run-and-walk-for-food-and-shelter/

You can check out the full series here: https://www.nhgp.org/2023-series/

Club News

Join the Social Committee!

As much fun as it is to run with y’all, we also want to host more fun social events for our members! But we need your help and ideas to do so! Consider joining the UVRC Social Committee and make your cool events ideas into a reality! 

We will be having a committee meeting towards the end of March (dinner provided), please reach out to contact@uppervalleyrunningclub.org if you’re interested!

Spring Couch to 5K Season is Just Around the Corner!

The Kick-off will be April 22nd so there is still time but March will fly by before you know it! So sign up soon while you’re thinking of it!

Couch to 5k NEW

Couch to 5k Alumni

March Runner’s Night Out will be March 14th @ Hanover Ramuntos (IT’S PI DAY!!!!)

I’m not saying anyone has to….but if people came to Runner’s Night Out with pies it would really butter my toast and fill me with joy. 

Membership Update

Just a fun note for the curious: As of right………now we have 204 registered members! I’m so happy we have such a large Fam and I hope to see all 203 (not counting myself) of you at some point this year! 

UVRS Finisher Prizes

If you weren’t able to attend the Runner’s Night Out and pick up your sweet sweet finisher prize for the UVRS, worry not! We WILL get them to come heck or high water. Please reach out to contact@uppervalleyrunningclub.org to arrange a pickup or delivery of your prize.

Club Announcements

Need Volunteer Website Keeper

It pains me to say this Fam but our website needs some help! Or at least a bit of more regular updating and some razzle dazzle. I’m looking for someone with website design and maintenance skills to volunteer to take the helm of keeping our website running smoothly and looking fly. If interested please reach out to contact@uppervalleyrunningclub.org and let me know!

Our Sponsors

Want to sponsor us? We can help you promote your company while you help us race.

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