Letter from a Board Member

The New Faces of the UVRC Board

By: Jim Burnett

RJ Jones

RJ is one of our newest board members. He brings a big smile, enthusiasm and a willingness to evolve UVRC back into a fun and social running club now that COVID is fading into the rearview mirror. RJ is also in the process of transitioning into the club presidency in an effort to bring the younger generation into club leadership.

Krissy Flythe

After stepping in to represent UVRC’s partner, Lebanon Recreation, Arts and Parks, for Paul Coats while he was on sabbatical leave, she has now fully assumed the roll as UVRC Treasurer and Lebanon RAP. Like RJ, Krissy is part of UVRC’s youth movement and brings boundless energy and fresh ideas for ways our club can can support Upper Valley running for runners of all ages.

Matt Sherman

When RJ becomes UVRC President, Matt will become VP. Matt is another new board member and is currently restructuring our Committees list. He has already started to send out invites for runners to volunteer for the committees of their choosing. Please consider volunteering as a committee member. While the UVRC website is currently undergoing changes and updates, you can contact Matt directly (msherman215@gmail.com) or continue to go to our website for details on committees (uppervalleyrunningclub.org). 

Hannah Taska

Hannah has been the face of the Saturday Group Runs for a few years and has guided the activity through COVID. Hannah has recently joined the board and now that we are ready to restart in-person group runs looks forward to meeting runners at Colburn Park on Saturday mornings and post-run gatherings at Lucky’s Garage Cafe like we used to do. Look for Hannah’s announcement with details about restarting Saturday Group Runs.


While not a board member (yet), Keriann is one of our young Essential Contributors as the leader of our Couch to 5K Program (C25K). C25K is underway as I write and is our first program to get back to in-person mode. C25K is one of UVRC’s most successful programs since its inception about five years ago.

Tiffany Currier

Tiff is serving her second term on the board and is the coordinator of the UVRC online apparel store through Top Stitch Embroidery. Tiff also volunteers on other committees.

Dorcas Denhartog

Dorcas is UVRC Secretary and Tuesday Night Track (TNT) coach along with Tim Smith. Dorcas brings her expertise and experience as a three-time US Olympic Nordic Skier and longtime Hanover High School women’s cross country coach to help runners of all abilities to improve their running and racing.

Rebecca Stanfield McCown

Rebecca served on the board for two terms before taking over the coordination of UVRC’s Mt. Washington Road Race team of racers and volunteers.

Alex Hall

Alex served on the board for two terms then became an Essential Contributor as the manager of the UVRC website, group emails and other technical matters.

Amanda Kievet

Amanda served on the board for a term as social committee chairperson and co-editor of the newsletter before focusing on remodeling the UVRC website. While no longer officially on the board, Amanda continues to co-chair the newsletter and remains on hand to help with our website.

Tim Smith

Tim served as UVRC president for two terms then turned his attention to coaching. Coach Tim and Dorcas lead TNT workouts and, during COVID, Tim kept us all busy with Lone Runner Challenges and virtual TNT training.

Geoff Dunbar

Geoff is one of UVRC’s founders, served three terms as President of the club and has been on the board since the club’s inception in 2011. He is the UVRC racing coordinator, including the Upper Valley Running Series and the New Hampshire Grand Prix Series. As you can see from his photo, Geoff is an able navigator.

Jim Burnett

I have served on the board for about seven years and as UVRC President for three and am now turning the reins over to our very capable fearless leader, RJ. I plan to spend most of my time with my family, including Mookie of course.

Member Submission

The Return of Tuesday Night Track

By: Tim Smith

In June we return to in-person, Tuesday Night Track!

Things continue to evolve, so make sure you read the weekly emails to get updates as times and locations may change.

On top of TNT, this month we are also kicking off the New Hampshire Grand Prix.  The first event of the NHGP is a virtual 5k.  You can run it on your own and then upload your times.  However, we are also offering the opportunity of running it with our club.  We will be running this on the Lebanon High School track, Wednesday, June 9 at 5:30.  There will also be a second chance to run the 5k on June 29 at 5:30 on the Hanover High track.

Starting June 15 (again at 5:30) we are planning on a regular TNT. 

We are following the Lebanon Rec. Covid protocol for these events. That means you need to sign up and fill out the Covid questionnaire before coming (https://lebanonnh.gov/play), and we'll take temperatures once you have arrived.  

I know you all are vaccinated but still come with a mask.  We will use masks when we are standing around at the beginning.  Once we break into pace groups and start running, you can be mask-less.  

I expect these protocols to evolve over the next month or so.

So what is in store for TNT this season?

TNT will be geared towards the (shortened) New Hampshire Grand Prix series.  The series starts with a 5k in June,  then a 5 mile race in July & August, a 10k in September and a half marathon at the beginning of November.  So we are tuned to short/fast/sweet workouts this month, and then moving towards 5mile-10k workouts for the rest of the summer.

I actually like this, this shorter/faster stuff is a new experience after a year long hiatus from the track.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Member Submission

It's Time for Woolies to Reunite and Get Back to Racing

By: Jim Burnett


The time has finally come for UVRC to start racing again. If you would like to participate in the 2021 NH Grand Prix Series, and of course you do, start by going to the NHGP website for details about this year’s series (click on 2021 Series tab at the bottom of the home page). You will find links to registrations for all 5 races.

The first race is a virtual 5K on a track. To participate you must be a current member of UVRC (if you are not then go to the UVRC website and get instructions on how to sign up (uppervalleyrunningclub.org). Once you are a member of UVRC, use the link on the NHGP website (nhgp.org) to register for the virtual 5K. You can record your time for a 5K on a track anytime and as many times as you want between now and July 1st and submit your time by posting it on Strava or submitting it using the by going to the race registration site. In addition UVRC will offer 2 TNT dates, June 8th and June 29th, to do your 5K on the Lebanon High School track anytime starting at 5:30 pm. Coach Tim will be there to help everyone get started in a staggered format. Bring a mask to be used except when you are racing. 

This may seem a bit confusing but fear not and be persistent and we will get it done. There’s lots of time and feel free to ask questions by contacting me, Tim or Geoff.

I will send a followup rah-rah email later, but in the meantime let's get this party started. Be a Wooly Warrior!

Member Submission

2021 Upper Valley Running Series

By: Geoff Dunbar

Announcing the 2021 Upper Valley Running Series!

The UVRS is a series of existing road races in the Upper Valley. The goal is to encourage participation and competition in Upper Valley road races, with recognition for participation and performance. More information here:


This is the 2021 series of races:

  1. Red, White, and Blue 6.2, 7/4, Lebanon NH, 10K
  2. Shamrock Shuffle, 7/31, Lebanon NH, 5K
  3. Under the Tree, 8/21, Hartland VT, 10K
  4. The Sprouty, 9/11, Sharon VT, 10K
  5. Rail Trail 10K, 9/25, Enfield NH, 10K.
  6. Tiger Run, 10/31, Enfield NH, 12K
  7. Turkey Trot, 11/21, Hanover NH, 10K

To participate in the series, all you need to do is be a member of UVRC, and run the races. You can either register for the races one at a time "a la carte", or signup for the entire series at once. Registration for the whole series is here:


By registering for the whole series at once, you receive a 25% discount off of the early registration fees for all 7 races.

Lastly, I'm really excited to be out racing again with my friends! The UVRS committee wanted to get as full a series as we could, even though we're getting a late start this year. All the races will be following the state pandemic guidelines, providing as safe an experience as they can. That said, if any of you decide to sit out this year, I understand 100%.

Member Submission

What's in a Name?

By: Geoff Dunbar

This year, we needed a new race for the NHGP that would be social-distancing friendly. Paul stepped up and offered to host a 10K on the Rail Trail, Enfield to Lebanon, September 25th. It should be a great race, and fast, too!

But... "Rail Trail 10K' is what we've been calling the race. It _does_ accurately describe the race, but that's about the only good thing about it as a race name. So, the challenge goes out to the UVRC: Come up with a better name! Go here:


And submit your suggestions by June 15th. Winner gets the prize of the satisfaction of a job well done.

Member Submission

CHaD 2021

By: Hanna Snyder

I wanted to let your club know about this year’s CHaD HERO to share as you see fit with your members. We’re very excited to be able to host a hybrid event for this year’s 16th CHaD HERO. Info below:

The CHaD HERO is the premier athletic-fundraising event benefiting the 95,000 kids receiving care at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD). The 16th annual CHaD HERO will be a hybrid event. The majority of the event will take place virtually from September 19 - September 26, 2021, with an in-person 5K Run planned for September 26, 2021 in Hanover, NH.* Virtual participants can sign up to virtually walk, run, bike, hike or complete your own Virtual Quest activity – hike the Appalachian Trail, race across the state, do a read-a-thon, the sky’s the limit – anytime, anywhere from Sept. 19-26. In-person 5K Run participants will complete a 5K loop on the Dartmouth College Green on Sept. 26.

 *Please note that the live portion of the event is contingent on CDC, state, local, Dartmouth College, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health guidelines at that time.

 Registration fees will be $10 for youth (17 & under) virtual participants, $20 for adult (18 & over) virtual participants, $15 for youth in-person 5K Run participants, and $30 for adult in-person 5K Run participants. We are waiving fundraising minimums for this year. Register today at www.chadhero.org.

Member Submission

First Saturday morning group run of the year

By: Hannah Taska

At first, with the drizzly, barely 50 F conditions of Saturday morning, I wondered whether the 10 - 15 runners who’d filled out the Covid screening survey would all show up, but they nearly all did. Though I was scrambling to take temperatures while greeting runners, we soon circled up for our usual introductions, plus what we’re excited for right now in running. Runners were looking forward to running with the club again in general, the NH Grand Prix races, and post-run gatherings at Lucky’s, among other things.

We had a strong showing of “regulars” from previous years, plus a couple of newcomers to the club. We spread into several pace groups, all starting out on the Rail Trail this time and turning back at various distances. 

One of our runners, Melissa, had asked me before the run at what pace Saturday runners ran usually. When I said they tended to range from 7 or 8 to 10 or 11 minutes/mile, though runners of all paces were welcome, Melissa wasn’t sure if she’d find people to run with. Once the run started, however, she found that she and Dorcas were lining up on pace on this day. Melissa, who had been running on her own for the past 18 months, very much enjoyed the chance to talk with Dorcas and found the company to be a great motivator too.

As for my own experience Saturday, while I’d been lucky to continue running with friends individually (with distancing) for most of the pandemic, I enjoyed this again Saturday and also appreciated the chance to meet a few new people. I enjoyed the chance to get to know Cindy, whom I’d just met, at the beginning of the run. Next I chatted and ran with Tim, Eric and Sara mainly. Despite a sore back and tired hamstrings from a Thursday workout, I was pulled along by the company and ran on average a bit faster than usual. 

In the last mile, we had just passed a pair running in the other direction when Sara pointed out that they were two professional runners she recognized from her following of track athletes! She proceeded to tell me how Ben True pays one of these runners to be his running partner because it is hard to find running partners as a fast athlete. Despite my general lack of attention to professional athletics, this idea was curious to me and prompted some more discussion of professional running. Sara’s general enthusiasm and curiosity about this topic was contagious; I was reminded that perhaps I could find more interest in other people’s athletics than I’d thought.

Several of us gathered outdoors at Lucky’s to continue our conversations after our runs and to warm up with some hot drinks and treats. Michael later mentioned spending time with fellow runners at Lucky’s as one of the aspects of the run that he enjoyed on Saturday. I tried the Gingerbread Mocha while listening to steeplechase stories. It was the first time I’d dined with people outside my household since my two-week point after my second vaccination, which felt a little strange but was a welcome return to normalcy too.

Speaking of returning to various aspects of normalcy, Tim mentioned that despite the fact that “in these not-quite-post-pandemic times” he’s “a bit afraid of ‘normal’”, the Saturday run “was very ‘normal’ - and it didn't hurt at all!  In fact, it was a simple pleasure!”. 

So whether you’re seeking comfort, excitement, inspiration or company, Saturday runs could be just what you need right now. I look forward to seeing you there next time!

Member Submission

The (Very) Happy Half in Ellicottville, NY

By: Keri

On May 8, 2021, I headed back to western New York, where I’m from, to run a half marathon with my childhood best friend. We ran the Happy Half at Holiday Valley Ski Resort in Ellicottville, NY. It wasn’t supposed to be anything special, but my boyfriend came along to watch, and my sister, who had never been to a road race, let alone see me race, said she’d come up from western Pennsylvania to cheer me on. It was a chilly morning, around 38 degrees, but really good running weather. As anyone who knows me may know, I really don't like the cold, so I was concerned about the chance of snow, but we got none.

No spectators were allowed at the start/finish area, so boyfriend, sister, and parents set up camp at a Dollar General parking lot at the 1.5 mile/11 mile marker. They were going to make homemade signs while they waited for my friend and me to return on the out and back. Our whole cheering section was there at the 1.5 mile mark, but only my parents were there at the 11 mile mark. I was a little annoyed they hadn’t stuck around to see me through mile 11 because the plan was for them to pick me up at the finish line after they saw me at mile 11. And, they weren’t supposed to be at the finish line and I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble.

So, I kept running and saw them at the finish line. Holding their sign made from their Dollar General purchases. It said, “Go Keri! Run Fast! I love you!” Then, the announcer changed the music to a particular song from Bruno Mars, called everyone's attention to the finish line, my boyfriend flipped the sign over, and I read the words, “Will you marry me?” He got down on one knee and proposed. The few volunteers in the area cheered as loudly as they could, my sister was sobbing while trying to take a video, and they made it as special as possible… I said yes!

Hit the Trail

Island Line Rail Trail

By: Jennifer Hansen

Route - Island Line Rail Trail, S Burlington-Colchester, VT

Trailheads - numerous places to get on the trail

Distance - full length of the trail is 13.4 miles one way; if you don't want that much distance, you can park near the northern end

Map - free sign up on TrailLink.com gives you access to the map. Google maps accurately shows the trail and parking areas/access points.

On a sunny spring Monday, since many of the trails I usually run were quite wet, and I didn't want to contribute to the erosion, I headed up to Burlington for a run on dry ground- 24 miles of it, in fact. I really don't like running on pavement, and my legs much prefer the quick ups and downs of trail running, but it was an ideal mud-season run. I parked at Oakledge Park in S Burlington and ran as far north as I could, which is 12 miles, then I turned around and ran back. The southern 9 miles of the trail is paved bike path, running mostly in view of Lake Champlain, but also through Burlington neighborhoods. The northern section of the trail in Colchester runs first through woods, then out onto the spectacular causeway that used to take the rail line across the lake. There is a cut in the causeway for boat traffic, and in summer there is a bike ferry which you could use to complete the out-and-back for a total of 26.8 mi RT.

I ran it on a weekday. I understand that it may be very busy with bike traffic on a weekend, and less enjoyable to run if you don't like crowded trails.

Runner Profile

Profile: Cara Baskin

By: Matt Sherman

Name: Cara Baskin

Town: Thetford, VT

Where are you from originally and what brought you to this area?

Moved from PA to NH 8 years ago for grad school and ended up staying.

What do you do professionally?

I work in healthcare, though I took a break last summer to work on a farm. Free strength training and organic veggies!

How long have you been running? 

19 years!

How long have you been running competitively?

17 years!

Why do you run?

The “why” started to follow in my sister’s footsteps, continued for the friends and teammates, and is now about adventure. At this point I can’t stop and I don’t want to find a reason to!

Recent memorable moment while running?

There is something memorable about almost every run. I think summiting Moosilauke solo in a complete whiteout this winter is pretty high on the list. That and feeding birds out of my hand on Carrigain.

Best athletic accomplishment and why?

Probably finishing the VT100 mile race in 95° heat and humidity. Considering I can’t even stay hydrated at work I’m not sure how I pulled that off.

If you like to race, favorite race distance? Why? 

I’m not a huge fan of racing but the 50 mile distance is a fun one! The expectation for speed is off and the training doesn't have to take over your life.

Training partners?

I try to find a good mix of solo runs, one on one time and group runs. Sometimes you want the conversation, sometimes you need the vent session and sometimes you need to set your own pace and think (or not).

Cross training activities? 

Hiking! I also try to keep up with yoga, swimming & biking.

Favorite local running route?

Routes that include Bragg Hill in Norwich! I used to be so scared of that hill and now I look forward to it and the view from the top. 

Favorite post run treat? 

Carrots and hummus. Always hummus.

Strangest place ever run? 

I did a four mile run on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on a cross country roadtrip. It was pancake flat across pure white salt patterns and pretty freeing to run aimlessly towards the sunset.

Any notable streaks or other unusual running events?

Last year I did a virtual David Goggins challenge with my friends from college. 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. I added a goal of 8000’ of vert. It was harder than I thought and definitely scary running alone in the dark in the middle of the night!

Who is your running “idol”? 

I don’t think I idolize any one runner but like to appreciate something from a bunch of people I know or follow. Courtney Dauwalter has a never give up grit I admire. Magda Boulet continues to be fast and successful across decades and teaches me about nutrition and being humble. Alyssa Godesky spreads her talent across ultras and the triathlon which makes her super durable. And Alexi Pappas brings an artistic and poetic identity to the running world.

I probably idolize friends in the Upper Valley more though. I’m continually impressed and inspired by our friends who keep pushing themselves and finding new ways to adventure.

Why did you join UVRC? 

I knew about UVRC for a year or two before I joined. Two of my grad program professors (Paul Gardent and Robin Larson!) always looked like they were having so much fun in the race photos they shared and I desperately wanted that. I moved here feeling like a runner but didn’t know who to share that with. 

I eventually joined because Lydia convinced me to! A mutual friend/coworker introduced me to her as “another young woman in the UV who runs.” Turns out that was enough of a connection and she was the door to the UV running community for me! 

Ever run in a costume? 

I dressed as a prairie girl in a DIY Oregon Trail themed running relay. Among me were tombstones and horses!

The only running shoe for me is ______________________. 

I’ve found comfort in Brooks, Salomon, Saucony and Inov-8. There’s a shoe for every kind of run.

Ever been injured? How did it happen?

Unfortunately, yes. I got shin splints for 9 months in college after I ran my first marathon and didn’t take a break after. A few months before Boston in 2019 I got IT band syndrome from running an ultra and going right into marathon training (sensing a theme?). I had to finish training on the bike and it actually worked out great for my race. In 2018 I tripped on a flat trail, put a hole in my knee down to the tendon, and limped for a few weeks, so I pulled out of the VT100 that year. Other than those, just constant niggles and aches!

Hot or cold weather runner? 

Hot! I can lose feeling in my fingers and toes too easily in the winter, plus sweating feels so good.

Morning or evening runner? 

Evening hands down. 

What is your motivation?

I like to feel fit and tired, I need the escape, and I want to see pretty things.

How did you become interested in running?

My sister joined the high school cross country team in 2002 because there were cute guys on the team. I wanted what she had, so I started running in middle school to supplement swimming and then joined the team in high school. 

What is your favorite race?

Not a race but I’m in love with rim to rim to rim across the Grand Canyon (and back). I’ve been twice and would go every year if I could.

What does your daily workout consist of?

Every day involves something pretty. I do things that make me feel like I went on an adventure from 5-9 before going back to work.

How about favorite work out?

A long hike. It’s so satisfying to hike uphill, get a great view and run down. I used to be afraid of hills, and now I look forward to them. It’s a special kind of endorphin when you’re hiking or running slow uphill but working your butt off.

What is your diet like?

Pescatarian with a daily dose of hummus. Ideally I’d be more vegan like the Gonnermans but haven’t yet learned how to say no to a cookie. I also inherited my Dad’s love of carbs so that’s a staple.

Additional input or comments?     People to mention?

Thank you to Tim for keeping the UVRC weekly emails and workouts consistent throughout covid. While I didn’t always do the workouts, they were a constant reminder of normalcy and I’m appreciative!

What else should the club know about you?

Over the winter I took in a couple of thru hikers going southbound on the AT. It was -4° that morning and they had been camping. If you ever feel unmotivated about going outside, think about that feat.

Aside from running, what are your hobbies?

The UV taught me how to hike and I’m slowly working on my NH grid now. Other than that I’m trying to be a better cook and baker! So far during Covid I learned how to make bagels and focaccia and have upped my hummus game.

What question would you like to ask in next month’s Runner Profile? And what is your answer to the question?

“What is your running/race motto?”

When the pain starts in a race, I try to smile and say “this is exactly what you came for”.

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