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May 13th 2023

May 2023 Newsletter

Letter from a Board Member: Letter from a Board Member: Helene Sisti by Helene Sisti, News & Announcements: May 2023 by Robert "RJ" Jones, Upper Valley Running Series May Update by Geoff Dunbar, Olympia, the Original Site of the Olympic Games by Lori Bliss Hill, Our Members Rock! Art Exhibition at AVA Art Gallery by Robert "RJ" Jones, It's OK to Take a Break by Cara Baskin, Runner Profile: Amy Drapeau Olson by Matt Sherman

April 7th 2023

April 2023 Newsletter

Letter from a Board Member: Letter from a Board Member: Elena Karis by Elena Karis, News & Announcements: April 2023 by Robert "RJ" Jones, Upper Valley Running Series April Update by Geoff Dunbar, Couch to 5k Kickoff by Keri Niles, Social Committee by Keri Niles, Deciding to Run for a Cause by Stacy Geller, Featured Race by Robert "RJ" Jones, UVRC Calendar: April 2023 by Robert "RJ" Jones

March 8th 2023

March 2023 Newsletter

Letter from a Board Member: Letter from a Board Member: Matt Sherman by Matt Sherman, March 2023 News and Announcements by Robert "RJ" Jones, The Family Place 2023 CBHM Team by Lisa Banks, Advancement and Administrative Assistant at The Family Place, and Robert "RJ" Jones, Central Vermont Runners Race Series by Robert "RJ" Jones, CCBA and Finding our Stride are Looking for Coaches by Robert "RJ" Jones, Running Injury Free: How to beat the odds by Eric Ellington, Things I would Tell Past Me Before He Started Running by Robert "RJ" Jones, Running with Running Club North by Tim Smith, March 2023 UVRC Calendar by Robert "RJ" Jones

February 6th 2023

February 2023 Newsletter

Letter from a Board Member: Who's Who on the UVRC Board by RJ Jones, UVRS 2022 Prize Ceremony by Geoff Dunbar, Red Zone 5K by Geoff Dunbar, Shiver Me Shamrocks 5K by Shannon Reilly Poole (Heritage Credit Union), 2023 New Hampshire Grand Prix by Jim Westrich, Ivy League Championship Marshalls by Jim Westrich, Get Fit Local by RJ Jones, Safety First: CPR and First Aid Classes by RJ Jones, Distance Running Symposium by Geoff Dunbar, Yoga for Runners by RJ Jones, Helping Students 'Find Their Stride' in Life and Running by Kristen Coats, UVRC Member and Couch to 5k volunteer

January 8th 2023

January 2023 Newsletter

Running Plans for 10K, 10 Miles, Half-Marathon, and Marathon by RJ, Weight Lifting for Runners by RJ, Helene

December 6th 2022

December 2022 Newsletter

Recycling Shoes by William "Bill" and Sarah Young, Tricks of the Trade: Adventure Ridin’ Across America by Sean Meissner, The Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5k in Manhattan by Michael Herron, The Adventures of Sweatman: The Sandown 5-Miler by Robert "RJ" Jones, Upper Valley Running Series 2022 Wrap-up by Geoff Dunbar, NH Grand Prix 2022 Recap by Jim Westrich

November 13th 2022

November 2022 Newsletter

Another Couch to 5k Season Success! by Robert Jones, TNT: Running at Occom Pond by Tim Smith, Chicago Race Report: Country mouse visits the big city! by Laurie Reed, UVRC Member Fall Photos, An AT point-to-point run by Sarah McBridge, The Unicorn Run by Robert Jones

October 5th 2022

October 2022 Newsletter

October Racing Update by Robert Jones, Thursday Training Group by Tim Smith, Health Resources in the Upper Valley by Robert Jones, Common Running Injuries by Cioffredi and Associates, Running Injury Prevention by Eric Ellingson, UVRC Labs: The Tea on Pickle Juice by Robert Jones, Interspecies Romance at the 2022 Vermont 50 by William Young, The Sprouty by Julia Neily, Thatcher’s first hike up Moose Mountain! by Heline Sisti

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