2022 Upper Valley Running Series

Upper Valley Running Series

The UVRS is a series of existing road races in the Upper Valley. The goal is to encourage participation and competition in Upper Valley road races, with recognition for participation and performance. Runners who are members of the club at the time of the race do not need to register separately for the UVRS series; simply participating in the road races through the standard registration process qualifies a runner in the series. However, to score, you must be a member of the Upper Valley Running Club! More information on joining the club can be found here.

2022 Series

Please note that date and times of races are tentative and can change as each race approaches. We will try to keep this page as current as possible as we get more information.

Series signup is complete, but you can also sign up for each race individually. As long as you are a registered member of UVRC, you automatically participate in the series by running any or all of the series races.

  • Runners only get series points for completing the designated distance in races with multiple distances. Pay attention to this page to ensure you sign up for the correct distance! Completing the non-designated distance (in parenthesis above) will be eligible for series finisher status (though not points).

2022 Results


Top-scoring individuals in each age group:
F029: Ayla Weale (100) Hannah Wittmann (100) Janessa Dunn (100)
F3039: Nadia Lafreniere (570) Keri Niles (562) Katie Barclay (479)
F4049: Helene Sisti (600) katie faris (370) Christiane Buessard (90)
F5059: Cindy Glueck (536) Jen Frost (516) Heather Waters (475)
F6069: Marie Parizo (580) Laurie Reed (200) Cheryl Lasell (182)
F70+: Betsy Gonnerman (100) Ginny Reed (100)
M029: Gunner Currier (400) Jacob Chalif (100) Lucian Gleiser (100)
M3039: Charles Trichtinger (534) Ryan Scelza (494) Eran Assaf (220)
M4049: Sean Wolfe (534) Jimmy Wu (480) Jeff Hafner (329)
M5059: Jim Westrich (580) Niels Poulsen (542) Michael Vecchiarelli (488)
M6069: Darrel LASELL (470) Robert Daniels (300) Tom Moore (175)
M70+: John Valentine (100)

Scoring System

See the Scoring page.


Prize details to come.

NEW! The Covered Bridges Half Marathon (website) bypass is back! Finishers of the 2022 UVRS will receive a guaranteed bypass into the 2023 CBHM. Payment and registration for the race are still required.

The 2022 UVRS Committee

  • Geoff Dunbar (chair)
  • Rick Currier
  • Michael Musty (scorekeeper)
  • Melissa Herman
  • Judy Phillips
  • Chris Welker
  • Matt Sherman

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