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UVRC Committee Membership

By: Matt Sherman

Hello UVRC!

Are you interested in getting more involved with the running club? Have you ever wondered what sort of opportunities there are to do so? I know when I first joined the club I was curious what happened “behind the curtain” after I started running more at TNT and the Saturday morning runs. I enjoyed running with all the wonderful members of the club, but wanted to see if there was more I could do.

The short answer to these questions is that yes, there are a number of committees within the UVRC that support the goals and initiatives of the club! We are always looking for enthusiastic and engaged runners to support these groups.

And what exactly are these groups and what do they do?! The committees range from a social committee to a volunteer committee that engage the running community to groups that help organize the newsletter, the website and the Upper Valley Running Series. See below for some more details!

Social Committee

The Social Committee organizes events such as Pub Night, the Annual Picnic and Annual Banquet, and the Jingle Bell Run.

Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee organizes club volunteers for events such as VT50, CBHM, MWRR, and the UVRS.

Upper Valley Running Series (UVRS)

The UVRS Committee organizes our local road running series.

New Hampshire Grand Prix (NHGP)

The NHGP committee represents the UVRS in the  planning and coordinating of races involved in the state wide racing series and engages club participation.

Couch to 5k

This group consists of a coach and members that support by joining the walking, run/walking or running groups participating in the Couch to 5k.

Mount Washington Road Race (MWRR)

The MWRR committee coordinates the volunteers and bypass numbers for the race.


The Pacing Committee organizes the pacers for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon and CHaD.

Some of the other areas that committees and groups within the club work on are as follows!

  • Newsletter
  • Website
  • UVRC Apparel
  • Saturday Morning Runs
  • UVRC Public Relations and Community Outreach
  • Running Shoe Recycling
  • Dartmouth Track and Field Officials

If you have any interest in joining any of these committees and groups or would just like to learn more, send a message to

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