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TNT: Running at Occom Pond

By: Tim Smith

Tuesday Night Track is heading to Occom Pond after November 8th.  We will still do workout similar to what we would have done on the track until December.  But with the end of daylight savings, it will be very dark  on the track.

So Why Occom?

  •   Plowed all winter (tracks are never plowed)
  • Light traffic in the evening hours
  • Streetlight all the way around the pond
  • You can make left-hand turns and never cross traffic!
  • It is almost exactly a 1600 meters around (9 meters less then a mile)

Winter Coachs

I will be out of town (and in Alaska) from mid December to mid March.  Cara Baskin will be stepping up to fill the gap in this time. But Cara is looking for a back-up for the days she is out of town.  Anyone who might be able to help, please contact Cara and myself.

Where do we meet?

Most of the time we meet at the north end of the pond, near the DOC house.  There is a parking lot there, and we start our intervals under the streetlight. However once a month, on the third Tuesday, we meet at the bottom of Tuck Drive Hill, by the Ledyard Bridge, and do hills.

Winter Mode Workouts

In December we go into "winter mode", where TNT is of lower intensity.  But I am planning on keeping our quality up through the Turkey Trot season in the next few weeks. After Thanksgiving we will tend towards longer intervals and less speed.  It is several months until your next major race, so it is a good time to let your body relax a bit.  Still, a weekly burst is a good thing for the legs and lungs.  We have a monthly cycle of workouts through the winter:

  • Week 1: Long intervals.  The most common thing would be repeat miles.
  • Week 2: A two mile time trial (and traditionally "Pub Night" at Ramuntos!).
  • Week 3: Hills - for this we meet at the bottom of Tuck Drive Hill, by the Ledyard Bridge.
  • Week 4: Tempo Runs. 
  • Week 5: We don't have many 5th weeks - only January 30th this year. I'll try to figure out something unique.


Do we run in sleet? Ice? Snow? Sub-zero weather? You bet. Of course you are all adults and can make your decision on those foul weather nights.  

What to Wear?

Often I arrive with an extra layer, and then strip it off after a lap or two.  During the middle of a hard work-out, the fence next to where we start can be covered with discarded jackets, shells, gloves and other layers.

Be Visible

It is dark!  Find reflective things to wear.  Look for head lamps and various illuminated vest, etc.  It is true that we tend to out number the cars during the hour that we run. But cars are often driven by people who can not fathom the idea of running when it is night, with a picturesque snow and a mere +5 degrees. So they may not be looking for us.

Be flashy!

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