Route of the Month

Union Village – River Road Loop

By: Laura Petto

Route Name: Union Village – River Road Loop

Strava Link: Here

Route Distance: ~10 miles

Elevation: 735 feet

Terrain Type: 90% paved, 10% dirt

Description: It’s me again, so you know I’m most likely going to be writing up something hilly! However, this is a nice loop which doesn’t feel too hilly. You do get a fair amount of elevation gain, but it is almost all low grade. I plan most of my routes so I front load the gain as much as possible, so most of the hills are in the first 5 miles. There’s one small hill at the end, which isn’t that bad, but it certainly is a struggle to have it in the last 500 ft! The first part is gentle uphills with some paved and some dirt, mainly covered by trees for shade. There are a few peaks of the horizon over farms, which is beautiful. Then, you get to Goodrich four corners, where there are lots of chickens and spotted sheep! I actually thought they were goats, but another runner told me they’re a special breed of sheep! I usually stop here to take lots of photos. ☺ Then onto some hilly switchbacks on Union Village, but with some seriously rewarding view. You can see multiple mountain ridges, particularly gorgeous at sunrise. Or sunset, I suppose, but I’m a morning only runner! ☺ Cars go fast on this road, so be careful! Then you’re on flats running along the Pompanoosuc -so flat, haunting reflections. The last bit is my least favorite – running along the river without a great view of it. If you run before November, you may see some scullers, though! Overall, this is a nice, new loop for me that gives my legs a break from serious hills AND it has fantastic views. 

Variations: Take a right on Waterman Hill Road, then left on Bowen. This reduces total route distance and increase the percentage of dirt roads. 

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