Route of the Month

The Unicorn Run

By: Robert Jones

My favorite local running route (since I live in Hanover) is called the Unicorn Run. Because if you track it on the map the shape looks like a Unicorn rising up on its haunches to kick some evildoer in the face.

You have to start by parking at the Dentist office by CRREL. This is very important because this is how you get the horn, otherwise you just have a horse which is not nearly as exciting. You can warm up in the former neighborhood across from the dentist office (I think it’s called like Rivercrest). Head South down Lyme road until you get to the Co-Op and take a hard left to Reservoir road and take that until you can cross over right towards and down RIP road. Yes I know it is not actually RIP like the gravestone but I like to imagine that all the houses are haunted because I rarely see people there. When RIP hits Wheelock you have to cross Wheelock and take the first street to your left and snake through the neighborhood. I like this part because you get some very pleasant rolling hills. You’ll loop around and down a hill because the road you’re on deadends and you’ll make your way back to Wheelock. Go up Wheelock towards campus, which is nice little hill challenge, until you get to the light and turn left. This will be a nice rewarding flat stretch as you head down Park street. Cross through the Ledyard bank (if I do this on my lunch break I like to grab some candy from the bank), and go back towards campus on Lebanon street. From here you take Lebanon street until you can cross underneath the Hood museum and get to the Dartmouth Green. Go diagonally across the green and down towards Occom, BUT you have to turn left down Webster in order to make the tail of the Unicorn! Take Webster until it almost deadends and take a right towards Occom. Go around Occom and back but turn left on Parkhurst or Clement (I can’t remember which) until you get back to Lyme road. After that It is a straight shot back to where you started! I like this route a lot because it has a little bit of everything; flats, hills, and scenery and it is a good challenging distance too!

Check it out:

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