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Meet Kristen Campbell Esty

By: Robert "RJ"Jones

Name: Kristen Esty

Town: Pomfret, VT

Where are you from originally and what brought you to this area?

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I really love the Upper Valley region and used to vacation here growing up. I moved to the area in 2014 when I took a job with Dartmouth College. 

What do you do professionally?

I am a Business Solutions Consultant for the Advancement Division of Dartmouth College. 

How long have you been running?

Since 2010, about 12 years! 

How long have you been running competitively?

About the same, I started with a 5k, then a half marathon, then some trail races. Two years later I did my first marathon! 

Why do you run?

It’s fun, it’s relaxing, it has enormous mental health benefits. Also, you can do it pretty much anywhere, I always bring my sneakers when I travel. 

Recent memorable moment while running?

I was on a long run with Jackie Albanese, fellow C25k alum and coach, when we found a lost Bernese Mountain dog! We ended up on a little adventure to find her owner. 

Best athletic accomplishment and why?

Finishing the Vermont 50k in 2019. I never really thought I could run that far until I did it. 

If you like to race, favorite race distance? Why?

There aren’t many of these races, but I love the 10-mile race. It’s long enough to be in true distance running mode, but short enough that you don’t need to spend all of your free time training. 

If you like to race, notable race moment? OR most memorable race?

I once did a very silly trail half-marathon in Pennsylvania where there was this huge, deep mud pit you had to cross. Everyone’s shoes were coming off and a volunteer just sat at the mud pit fishing out shoes and bringing them to a pile at the finish. Luckily mine stayed on! 

Training partners?

Thanks to UVRC and Upper Valley Trail Runners, I have so many wonderful training partners! My most recent long-run buddies are Jackie Albanese and my husband, Amos. 

Cross-training activities?

Hiking, skiing, strength training

Favorite local running route?

Running the carriage roads in Marsh-Billings National Park in Woodstock. 

Favorite post-run treat?

Coffee and a breakfast sandwich! 

Strangest place ever run?

Through the halls of the Harrisburg State Hospital, an empty building where they filmed Girl Interrupted, as part of a crazy running game called “hashing.”  

Any notable streaks or other unusual running events?

Before I moved to the Upper Valley, I was an active member of the Hash House Harriers, an extremely silly running and drinking club made up of local “hashes” across the world. There isn’t a Hash in the Upper Valley, but if anyone wants to start one, let me know! I believe Burlington and Boston are the two closest. 

What made you start running?

Just general fitness, to be stronger for ski season. 

Why did you join UVRC?

To meet other runners, learn about routes and races in the area. 

Ever run in a costume?

Many times, see: Never in a race though, too much potential for chafing. 

The only running shoe for me is:

Hoka (at least right now). I also love Mizuno. 

Ever been injured? How did it happen?

I strained my IT band just after my first marathon, I had been overtraining - instead of building up mileage very slowly, I jumped into long distances with few rest days. Now I take my rest days seriously and haven’t been injured since!

Hot or cold weather runner?

Cold, much easier to add clothes to get warm. 

Morning or evening runner?

Either, but usually I prefer morning. 

What is your motivation?

I have no idea what compels me to live like this. 

I run therefore I...

sleep well.

What is your favorite race?

The Covered Bridges Half Marathon through Pomfret and Woodstock is the race I most want to run again. Beautiful course, great support, very well organized, and lots of friends participating. 

Favorite running book/film?

I loved Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run! Just skip all of the barefoot chapters. 

What does your daily workout consist of?

I change things up day to day, lately I’ve been following a Greg McMillan plan to run a faster 10k. I combine that with a strength training plan from Fitness Blender. 

How about favorite workout?

Going for long, conversation-pace runs! 

What is your diet like?

I generally eat following the principles of and Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook, which means plenty of healthy carbs, vegetables, and proteins like beans and chicken. 

Aside from running, what are your hobbies?

Cooking, reading murder mysteries. 

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