March 2021 Board Meeting

March Board Meeting

March 15, 2021, 

6:00 pm via Zoom meeting.

Board Members:

Jim Burnett (President), Robert (RJ) Jones (Vice President), Krissy Flythe (Treasurer), Dorcas DenHartog (Secretary), Geoff Dunbar, Tim Smith, Tiff Currier, Matt Sherman, 

6:05 pm RJ called to order

  • RJ: COVID Check in - Seasons are changing, how is everyone doing? Thumbs up.
  • Geoff - Report on NHGP meeting and upcoming 2021 series. 

*TIm - suggests organizing group meets mid-May at a track/s to run small groups for the virtual 5K. Idea: if over 10 people sign up, then on a Saturday morning 10am half the group goes off while the other half cheers and times; then reverse. 

* Krissy - folks are asking about Couch to 5k, through Scott King. 

Action Item: Krissy will check with Kerianne about starting a Fall program. Tiger Run might be a good C25K goal. Tiff will be checking with the town to see if they are optimistic about running it. 

Jim: CHaD organizers contacted him about a possible 5k option to the half marathon; half marathon event will be virtual. 

Geoff: - Report on Upper Valley Running Series:

Most fall races are still on. Goal: late/summer-fall, organized in May. Shamrock Shuffle - optimistic, RW&Blue July 4th

  • Geoff - No update on webmaster backup. 
  • Matt - Update on committee lists. He will try for posting the update in the May newsletter.  
  • Dorcas - Report on Trees not Tees (Jim suggests Tom Rafio)  and/or ReRun development. Any tie-ins to the UVRC Committee? 
  • Dorcas - Update on connecting with Hannah and Lucky’s for weekend “Happy Hour” (plans for newsletter as well). The owner of Lucky's, Deb Shinnlinger, says the Lucky's team loves the Saturday runners and would be happy to have us promote Lucky's further to our members. 

U*VRC Saturday Run phase in

Lebanon Rec. is starting summer camps June 28th; programs July 1st. Keeping in line with Leb. Rec, board considers starting Saturday socially-distanced runs in June and TNT in July. 

RE: TNT use of Hanover High School Track:

Action Item: Paul and Dorcas will decide who best and how best to contact Megan Sobel and tell her we would like to use it as we have in the past, but if she has any concerns or anyone else is renting it, we understand. 

RE: TNT use of Dartmouth college track. Tim usually asks. He will contact the new track coach but is not optimistic. 

  • Jim - Update on Omar and Bob’s as UVRC mask pickup spot. Going well, switching that over from Leb. Rec. 
  • Tim - Do we have access to that sweet digital hat?  
  • RJ/Krissy - Social media update. Instagram name: #uppervalleyrunningclub. 

Alex has done the email purge; membership is up to date. 147 members to date. 

Next Meeting: Monday, April 19th. 6pm by Zoom. 

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