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It's Time for Woolies to Reunite and Get Back to Racing

By: Jim Burnett


The time has finally come for UVRC to start racing again. If you would like to participate in the 2021 NH Grand Prix Series, and of course you do, start by going to the NHGP website for details about this year’s series (click on 2021 Series tab at the bottom of the home page). You will find links to registrations for all 5 races.

The first race is a virtual 5K on a track. To participate you must be a current member of UVRC (if you are not then go to the UVRC website and get instructions on how to sign up ( Once you are a member of UVRC, use the link on the NHGP website ( to register for the virtual 5K. You can record your time for a 5K on a track anytime and as many times as you want between now and July 1st and submit your time by posting it on Strava or submitting it using the by going to the race registration site. In addition UVRC will offer 2 TNT dates, June 8th and June 29th, to do your 5K on the Lebanon High School track anytime starting at 5:30 pm. Coach Tim will be there to help everyone get started in a staggered format. Bring a mask to be used except when you are racing. 

This may seem a bit confusing but fear not and be persistent and we will get it done. There’s lots of time and feel free to ask questions by contacting me, Tim or Geoff.

I will send a followup rah-rah email later, but in the meantime let's get this party started. Be a Wooly Warrior!

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