December 2023 Newsletter

Note from the Editor

Dear friends,

As the year draws to a close, I hope you take a moment to reflect on all that you've accomplished this year. Whether you're celebrating new friends made through the UVRC, personal milestones (like increasing how long you walk, your running time between walk breaks, the distance you run, or the number of races finished), or simply that you took time just for you during your runs this year, you did it!

I'm celebrating my first year as a UVRS participant and finisher! (Woohoo!) I had so much fun participating in the series this year and I can't wait to do it again next year.

Whatever you're accomplishments this year, enjoy this moment. Take a deep breath and revel in the memories.

Nicole Losavio

UVRC Newsletter Team

Article Collection
Robert Jones

UVRC Newsletter Team

Letter from a Board Member

Letter from a Board Member: Kristine Flythe

By: Kristine Flythe


My birthday just passed and another year older. I often forget how old I am and actually have to do the math. However age hasn’t really ever been something that’s made me overly sad. I’ve always loved celebrating birthdays and often would plan my own parties.

I started thinking about what was my present to myself and recently it is a re-commitment to my health.

Weight loss is one of those things that you talk about when it’s going well and when it’s not you just don’t mention it. However accountability IS the thing that can continue to motivate yourself. I’ve needed something to keep me more accountable. Just over 2 years ago I had done the Noom program. The 1st time I lost 40lbs and thought I won’t put it back on. Well I did. Whoops! Travel now to mid October when I finally decided I WANTED to make a change and I signed back up. I committed again to myself to make the change. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE all kinds of food and well sweets are a key to my heart. So I just can’t say no to never having those things. However it’s why I don’t have the problem with Noom. It’s not saying no and never. It’s mindful eating and thoughtful choices. You log your food but that helps to keep you accountable. So ask me anything if you want to know more but I’ve lost so far 14lbs and I’ve committed to being healthier and still enjoying my sweets! Just recently I’ve finally just gotten the urge to do more than just walking.

So if this helps anyone to recommit just know it’s one day at a time. If you miss a day of running you can reset and do it tomorrow. Just commit to your health and to your next birthday.

Pictures are worth 1,000 words they say. You don’t always see the daily progress on the scale but as the days go by you WILL feel the difference.


Race Announcements

UVRS 2024 Final Update

By: Geoff Dunbar

I’m happy to announce the completion of another season of the Upper Valley Running Series! We wrapped up the series with the Hanover Turkey Trot 5K/10K. Congratulations to all the UVRC runners who competed. Results here:

With that, we have the list of UVRS series finishers, who completed 6 of the 9 races. Congratulations:

  • Jackie Albanese
  • Sean Wolfe
  • Patrick McCabe
  • Darrel LASELL
  • Cheryl Lasell
  • Colin Smith
  • Michael Vecchiarelli
  • Chris Wolfe
  • David Bardach
  • Cindy Glueck
  • David Glueck
  • Shani Bardach
  • Jimmy Wu
  • Sean Meissner
  • Katie Edwards
  • Kimberly Allen
  • Alistair Smith
  • Kristina Siladi
  • Helene Sisti
  • Raphael Bardach
  • Jesse Bardach
  • John Murphy
  • Kristen Esty
  • Jim Westrich
  • Stephanie Papas
  • John Pomeroy
  • Victoria Pomeroy
  • Ramsey Steiner
  • Marie Parizo
  • John Valentine
  • Palaniappan Nagappan
  • Pedro Alvarez
  • Eran Assaf
  • Carey Stillman
  • Raeka Mikecz
  • Jennifer Fullerton
  • Nicole Losavio
  • Desislava Pomeroy
  • Charles Morgan
  • Sarah Swanson
  • Dan Collison
  • Nayra Mikecz
  • Tracy Hazen
  • Katie Faris
  • Chizuko Horiuchi
  • Yusaku Horiuchi

The award presentation will be at the 2023 Jingle Bell Run on December 13! Stay tuned for more details about this event.

If you can’t make the award presentation, no problem, just let me know and we can coordinate your prize pickup.

If you’d like to be part of the 2024 UVRS committee, let me know! We’ll meet in December or January to set up the 2024 series.

Thanks to everyone for a great season!

Member Submission

News and Announcements December 2023

By: Robert "RJ" Jones

Club News

There will be no Runner’s Night Out in December (we’re doing the Jingle Bell Run instead). Details below!

Club Announcements

Tuesday Night Track

Until Spring our TNT workouts will continue to be at Occom Pond which is approximately 1 mile in circumference and usually illuminated. We will meet here just across from the Dartmouth Outing Clubhouse at 5:30 p.m.

We also will start bringing back Hill Workouts!!! We will be going up and down Tuck Drive to work those oh-so-important glute muscles. When we meet for hill workouts it will be at the base of Tuck Drive here. Be sure to keep an eye out on your emails for location updates. Usually, this will be the first Tuesday of the month (weather dependent).

Jingle Bell Run on December 13

Come Join us for the Jingle Bell Run and Cookie Exchange!! Wednesday, December 13 at 6 p.m.

Every year in December we like to do a little fun run to get into the holiday spirit and get one last hang out before folks begin to dissipate for the holidays and to round off the year! The Jingle Bell Run is a quick jaunt around Hanover where we put on as many bells as possible and jingle our way through Hanover, then of course come back to Ramuntos and eat pizza!

We also will be handing out the UVRS Finisher prizes so if you are a UVRS finisher please head on down to pick up your prize!! Note that we will have the prizes available afterwards as well but getting them at the JBR has the added benefit of coming with pizza!

Lastly, we will be raffling off UVRC Swag and also we will be having our annual cookie exchange where I intend to hold on to my title as “The Cookie King”. If you want a shot at the throne, bring a dozen or so of your best cookies to exchange with others (and please keep track of the ingredients so those with allergies can be aware). And while it is not necessary you are welcome to bring a small gift (<$30 inflation -_-) to be raffled off or exchanged even if it’s just a bottle of wine that someone brought to your house and left there and you have absolutely no intention of ever drinking but don’t want it to go to waste. I see you.

2024 UVRC Memberships are Now Open!

2024 is almost here! This means it is time to renew your membership! Our links are live for individual and family membership renewal.

And as a reminder your memberships get you:

  • Weekly challenges with Tuesday Night Track (TNT) workouts
  • A monthly newsletter featuring articles written by club members and board members
  • Club Competition at its finest! We compete against other running clubs in NH and have our own local racing series
  • Access to training, coaches, and a running community that can HELP answer your questions. Visit:
  • Omer & Bob’s here in Lebanon, NH, has been a strong supporter of the club since its beginning. We meet there on Saturday mornings for group runs. They also provide members with 15% off shoes, apparel, & other running-related gear discounts.
  • We also have a 10% discount with Stateline Sports in West Lebanon, NH and they can offer a 10% discount on all regular-priced running shoes, socks, insoles, and running accessories.
  • Social events like our banquet and Runner's Night Out on the second Tuesday of every month!

Is there something you’d like to see our club do in 2024? Let us know! You have a Club Board of Directors who are eager to make it happen! Reach out to

Member Submission

Poem: For Safe Keeping

By: Jim Burnett

Air freshening
Wind chilling
Stream gurgling
First on the left then on the right.

Rocks hiding
Roots yawning
Sticks sleeping
To be avoided.

Spiraling leaves
Runaway kites
Touching down

Feet hastening
Energy burning
Heart providing
As it should.

Warming sunshine
Dripping sweat
Crunching gravel
End in sight.

Finish faster
Feel the pleasure
Store the moment
For safe keeping.

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