April 2023 Newsletter

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So much great information in this newsletter! Learn how to register for the Upper Valley Race Series (less the cost of the Shamrock Shuffle), check out the Couch to 5k kickoff, fill your calendar with upcoming races, and learn about exciting ways to volunteer for the Upper Valley Running Club, and so much more!

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UVRC Newsletter Team

Letter from a Board Member

Letter from a Board Member: Elena Karis

By: Elena Karis

I write to you from my seat on the Dartmouth Coach, en route to a weeklong snowboard trip in the Rockies. It’s beginning to look a lot like mud season in New England, but I assure you I will be taking advantage of every last remaining patch of snow/slush/damp grass the mountains have to offer. On the topic of superstitions and rituals, those of you who don’t ski or snowboard may not know it’s considered bad luck to label your final descent of the day a “last run” — apparently, it increases your risk of falling or getting hurt. To get around this, we call it “two skip”: take two more runs but skip one. I’m also reminded of my high school theater days, when uttering the name of “the Scottish play” (M*cb*th, for the uninitiated) threatened to curse an entire semester’s stage production.

While I’m certain we all have our personal rituals and superstitions for running, it seems like there aren’t many like the aforementioned that unite us as a greater running community. Imagine if we all did something weirdly specific like kiss the soles of our shoes before every race? Or forbid a word like “mile” during training runs? No questions asked, just because everyone else does it and it’s always worked before. I wonder, would it create a deeper sense of belonging within such a vast, diverse group? Would it help relieve the impostor syndrome so many runners have? Just a little food for thought from a former Religious Studies major.

Plenty of so-called “superstitions” are based in reality, though. My quick google search pulled up lists of “crazy” things runners do on race day, like always eating the same breakfast or wearing the same clothes. The internet shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss these! “Nothing new on race day” is an effective, tried-and-true ritual. As we know, training goes far beyond speed and mileage. Make sure you always test drive your outfit, shoes, and fuel before the big day. There’s nothing worse than tummy troubles or unexpected chafing when you’re chasing that PR…or, frankly, just trying to enjoy your day.

But if your superstitions skew toward the magical side, I fully support you. As long as you’re having fun, rituals can work wonders for your mentality. I used to only race in a “groutfit” - it just felt right. I would also be lost without my daily bowl of supercharged Grape Nuts, racing or otherwise. (Recipe available upon request!) Maybe you listen to the same song on repeat for 24 full hours before lacing up your sneakers. Maybe you bring a cherished stuffed animal to cheer you on (from the car, of course). Whatever it takes to help you show up, show out, and keep at it, let’s celebrate what makes us unique as runners and as humans. As sad as I will be to say goodbye to snowboard season, I’m equally excited to join y’all on the roads, track, and trails to discuss our mutual appreciation for weird habits!

Happy April, friends!


Member Submission

News & Announcements: April 2023

By: Robert "RJ" Jones

Racing News

Somehow April got skipped with races in the UVRS and NHGP but do not despair! There is always a race going on somewhere in NH/VT! Here are two such races that might be of interest if you’re feeling the racing itch in April.

New Hampshire

Red’s Race for a Better Community is a 5-miler hosted by our friends over in Dover April 15th. You can register for that and learn more here: https://reds-race.com

If you’d rather stay in the green mountains our buds over in Montpelier, the Central Vermont Runners, are also having a race on April 15th


Paul Mailman Montpelier 10-miler and 5k as the name suggests, is a lowkey 10 mile and 5k race. Sounds like a fun mix of flats, rivers, and rolling hills aka the New England Special. Also great to see that they have a non-binary category for runners! We love to see that! You can register here: https://cvrunners.org/cvr-races/paul-mailman/

ALSO, if you’re running in the Boston Marathon (17 April) let us know so we can cheer you on!!

Club News

Spring Couch to 5K Season is Just Around the Corner!

April is here and that means we are about to jump back into our Couch to 5K Spring Season! I won’t belabor the details which are in another article this month but check out these signup links!

April Runner’s Night Out will be April 11th @ Hanover Ramuntos

Have you done your taxes yet? Do your taxes and then reward yourself with pizza on us! 

Membership Update

Post PURGE we now have 251 members! 251 y’all! That is enough people to form 27 baseball teams, 22 football and soccer teams, 50 very tired basketball teams, and 16 Rugby Unions! I feel like I haven’t met the vast majority of you so I highly encourage you to come say hi at our workouts!  

Club Announcements

Still Looking for a Volunteer Website Keeper

It pains me to say this Fam but our website needs some help! Or at least a bit of more regular updating and some razzledazzle. I’m looking for someone with website design and maintenance skills to volunteer to take the helm of keeping our website running smoothly and looking fly. If interested please reach out to contact@uppervalleyrunningclub.org and let me know!

Race Announcements

Upper Valley Running Series April Update

By: Geoff Dunbar

The first race in the 2023 Upper Valley Running Series (UVRS) was on Saturday, March 18: the Lebanon Shamrock Shuffle 5K! Great work by Paul Coats and all of the staff at Lebanon Recreation for putting on such a great event.

UVRC member Leah Nicholson was the first woman, and Kevin Hartstein was the third man. So many UVRC runners that I couldn't possibly list them all. Congratulations to all of us! You can see the full results here.

The UVRS continues in May. The next race is May 21st, the BarnArts Race Around the Lake 5K and 10K.

You can still sign up for the whole UVRS at once, at a 25% discount! (With the Shamrock price subtracted) Click here for details on the series, or for signup.

Commitment phobia? No problem! As a UVRC member, you are automatically part of the UVRS for any of the races you run. So feel free to sign up for the races a la carte.

Member Submission

Couch to 5k Kickoff

By: Keri Niles

Spring Couch to 5k is just around the corner. If you’re coming back from injury (like me) or looking for a group of like minded folks in a very supportive environment, this group might be for you (or your neighbor, coworker, friend, family member, etc.)

We will be having an informational meeting and group walk on Saturday, April 22nd at 8am at Pat Walsh Park in Lebanon, NH. The first practice will be Thursday, April 27th at 5:30pm and then each Saturday (8am) and Thursday (5:30pm). Participants will complete a local 5k at the end of the 10-week program.

We hope you, or someone you know, will join us! The signup link for new participants is here and questions can be directed to Kristine.Flythe@lebanonnh.gov. 

Member Submission

Social Committee

By: Keri Niles

If you’re anything like me, the last three years have felt like a lifetime. I am ready to get back out there, see old friends, and make new ones. That is why I have re-joined the revived UVRC “Social Committee”, whose goal is to plan inclusive events for all UVRC members. While keeping up with our annual traditions like the Jingle Bell Run and the summer picnic, we’re also hoping to try some new events this year, including camping, volunteering, and a spring kickoff field day event – stay tuned for more details! If you’re interested in joining, or if you have ideas for fun events (running or non-running related), please share them with contact@uppervalleyrunningclub.org.

Member Submission

Deciding to Run for a Cause

By: Stacy Geller

The New York City Marathon has always been on my bucket-list of races. I watch it

every year and can basically say that it’s got more hype for me than the Superbowl (you

other crazy runners might know what I’m talking about). I’ve dreamt of running along

those five boroughs and finishing my 26.2 mile journey in Central Park. I’ve read books

and blogs about it- I’ve even blogged about wanting to do it someday on my own blog

(JustKeepRunning.net), but I’ve been pretty far away from the Northeast for quiet awhile

and I’ve never quite known how I would make it happen (entering the lottery has never

worked in my favor and I’m not speedy enough to qualify).

So, that left running for a charity. Which -honestly- raising funds for something

seems more daunting to me than running 26.2 miles (I’m a pretty seasoned marathoner

at this point). But, Every Mother Counts was an organization with a cause that I felt truly

passionate about and it got me excited to want to help contribute to their cause (making

pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere). It’s funny how becoming a

mom changes your perspective on something that seems relatively routine (such as

childbirth). My return to running post-twins has not been smooth and there have been

many bumps in the road. I wish I could easily get out the door on my days off when the

weather is just right, but most days I’m slogging my miles -solo- in the dark at 6am.

I don’t have many running rituals or superstitions, but I do believe in having a

meaning behind every run or workout. I’ve had my best races when I feel intent on my

purpose for being there and sometimes it’s something as simple as needing to get some

fresh air before I get home to take care of our 15 month old twins. My purpose for the

NYC Marathon will be simple- raising awareness and running for those moms who are

not as fortunate as me to have had quality maternal care.

So, I suppose all this is to say that I’m very excited to be lacing up this Fall for my

first World Marathon Major and would appreciate any tips anyone has to help me hit my

fundraising goal ($3,500) or if you’ve run the race before!

Race Announcements

Featured Race

By: Robert "RJ" Jones

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UVRC Calendar: April 2023

By: Robert "RJ" Jones

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