Board Minutes – March, 2017


Members present: Kevin Hartstein, Geoff Dunbar, Paul Coats, Julie Paye, Betsy Gonnerman, Jim Burnett

Members absent: Mike Silverman, Tim Smith, Megan Miller, Dave Sullivan, Kim Sheffield

Non-members present: Mike Gonnerman, Cara Baskin

Vice President Kevin Hartstein ran the meeting, in Tim’s absence.

  1. Couch to 5K: Kevin announced that Brandon has agreed to coach the program, to be joined by Kim when she arrives in the area. Kevin said he would contact those in charge of the Dartmouth and HHS tracks, to determine availability and possible conflicts. The kickoff event will be April 13 at 7:15 at Cioffredi’s. The first workout will be April 25, with the target 5K race to be Red, White, and Blue, in Lebanon on July 4. Participants will be charged $45.00, same as last year, which covers UVRC membership, race fee, t-shirt, and coaching. Paul has already completed the flyer, and members will put info up on Facebook, Listserv, and the Valley News. More volunteers will be needed to assist in coaching for the workouts on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at the track, and on Saturdays at 8 a.m. at Omer&Bob’s.
  2. Calendar: Meetup is now the official calendar on the website.
  3. UVRS: Paul announced that 46 had already signed up for the series.
  4. CBHM: Dave requested $200 for refreshments for the Saturday training runs, which was approved. The long run schedule has been posted on the website. The pacers are being arranged by Rebecca. Julie and Kim are heading up the volunteer efforts at the start, as they did last year. They will be in touch with Mike Silverman, to review duties, and number of volunteers needed.
  5. Shamrock Shuffle: The Board thanked Paul for putting on a great race – over 950 ran, including about 80 members. Socks were given away as prizes this year, which everyone felt was a good idea.
  6. Main St. Mile: Tim has been working on this with Hanover Rec. Dept. He has requested ideas for prizes, which people are forwarding to him.
  7. TNT: Tim will serve as coach, with Jim’s assistance, until Kim arrives.
  8. Social events: Cara & Kevin will be cochairing the committee. Pub nights have been very successful.
  9. Sponsorships: Kevin had been contacted by Running Warehouse, who is very willing to give a 15% discount to all UVRC members, which they do for most running clubs. A password is required for the discount, which Kevin will give out upon request. Stateline has also agreed to a discount of 10% for all running gear. A person to head up a sponsorship committee is needed.
  10. UVRC apparel: Paul will place an initial order for gear, and Omer & Bob’s has agreed to keep additional apparel in stock.
  11. Scholarship: Kim was unavailable to give us an update on the submission and voting of the essays, and the subsequent choice of winners.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary

Next Board Meeting: Monday, April 17 – Umpleby’s – 8:00 a.m.

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