Board Meeting – September, 2019

September 16, 2019

Lebanon Town Hall

UVRC July Board Meeting Minutes


(Board*): Jim Burnett**, Dorcas DenHartog*, Alex Hall*, Joffrey Peters*, Krissy Flythe(*)

Not present: Tim Smith *, Amanda Kievet*,  Paul Coats (on sabbatical)*, Geoff Dunbar*, Rebecca Stanfield McCown*, Tiffany Currier*

  1. Jim Meeting called to order 6:42 pm
  2. Tiffany’s report: UVRC clothing orders.  
    1. She’s working with Top Stitch to set up a UVRC apparel store. Twice/year ordering for fall/winter, spring/summer gear. 
  3. Tim’s report: TNT
    1. balancing TNT coverage with Jim; 
    2. Alex has set up, at Tim’s request, ‘, so Tim can tell members to forward their questions to him.
    3. Rob Daniels has offered to help with winter TNT.
  4. Geoff’s report: Newsletter and UVRS
    1. All going well. Well received
  5. Amanda’s report: Social committee
    1. Picnic had a lot of volunteers; needed some decorations
    2. Last pub night well attended
    3. Annual banquet: Action Item: send out a request for volunteers, coordinate with Betsy Gonnerman. 
  6. Rebecca’s report: Social committee
    1. Forwarded from July mtg. Trucker hat mockup
  7. Jim: Requests to use UVRC group email to forward runner-interested business and services. 
    1. Carly Wynn’s request to advertise her coaching services at Open Door (WRJ) – 
    2. Solutions: 1) recommend they write an article for Newsletter, 2) they ask Laura to post something on UVRC Facebook page
    3. Krissy noted: UVRC FB page had 819 Likes; 873 Follow UVRC
    4. Alex noted: If you are a UVRC member you can use the group email.
    5. Jim noted: Members can use group email to alert others of races and running-related events, but not for business promotional purposes. Same goes for Newsletter. 
  8. Alex: Social/Technology.
    1. to write up a blurb to be used throughout our social channels, that would explain 1) join the club to receive 2) Follow the club on Facebook 3) get MeetUp notifications. Once we have that, whoever is in control of the channels can update the “About” sections and add it to repeating events on Meetup.
    1. Action Item: Use this opportunity to re-create the website. Create a core team to make the new website; send out a note in November Newsletter to ask for volunteers to work on it over the winter. Alex to team up with Geoff to coordinate this effort.
  1.  9. Joffrey – UVRC ‘s relationship with trail running groups
    1. There is overlap among all these groups: UV Trail Runners (Mike Tegart), Western NH Trail Running Series (Lebanon Rec. Department), Upper Valley Trails Association, Team AMP (Brandon Baker), etc.
    2.  Each has its own identity. It would serve UVRC’s mission to put on our own trail races. 
      1. Host our own xc workouts – at Dresden Fields
      2. Single-day workshops: downhill running, running strength, uphill running, 
      3. Oak Hill uphill intervals
      4. Spring kick-off trail running event (Storr’s Hill or Class of ‘69 cabin) 

Next Meeting: 

  • Monday, October 21, 6:30 at Lebanon Town Hall (the day after CHaD).


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