Board Meeting – November 2018

UVRC BOARD MEETING – November 13, 2018 – 6:30 P.M. – RAMUNTO’S

Members present: Tim Smith, Betsy Gonnerman, Kevin Hartstein, Alex Hall, Paul Coats, Amanda Kievet, Rebecca Stanfield McCown, Tiffany Currier
Members absent: Geoff Dunbar, Jim Burnett, Julie Faye, Kim Sheffield, Rob Daniels

    1. New Board members: 5 new Board members were voted in at the Banquet, and they were invited to attend tonight’s meeting. Amanda, Rebecca, and Tiffany attended, and were welcomed. Joffrey Peters and Dorcas Den Hartog were not present.
    2. Mailing list: Alex and Travis have revised the group mailing lists. There is now a Board group list as well as an admin group list.
    3. Banquet: Kevin felt there was a good attendance, and that the catering was a plus.
    4. Jingle Bell Run: Date is Dec. 18 at 6:30 at Ramunto’s. An email will go out to confirm this.
    5. Hanover Turkey Trot: Sunday, November 18. Jim will put up mile markers.
    6. TNT: Will not be at HHS track any longer. It will be at Occom Pond for the winter. There may be some hill workouts, to be decided where and when by Tim and Jim. Amanda will update the meetups.
    7. Foliage Five: will be discontinued. Tim will speak to Kim and Dorcas re the status of scholarships for this year.
    8. Couch to 5k: Kristin and Mary are developing plans for expanding this program, and will present their ideas at the next Board meeting.
    9. CBHM: Rebecca will be sending out a request for pacers, and will head up this program, with help from a few others. Kim will still be in charge of the volunteers on race day. There was a request for a few designated port-a-johns for the pacers, as the lines are so long.
    10. Treasurer: Paul reported a balance of approximately $10,000. The new van has arrived.
    11. NHGP: Jim and Geoff will be attending the organizational meeting in December, when the 2019 races are chosen.
    12. Next Board meeting: Tim plans to have the next meeting on a Sunday in December at his house, as he has in the past. At that time, both old and new Board members will attend. It was agreed that task responsibilities for the coming year will be clarified – TNT, Sat. a.m. runs, newsletter, UVRS, etc.

Action Items:

    1. Nancy will send out an email re Jingle Bell Run
    2. Tim will speak to Dorcas and Kim re present status of scholarships for 2019 graduates
    3. Rebecca will send out an email request for pacers for CBHM
    4. Tim will email Board re December meeting.
    5. Tim will speak to Kristin and Mary re Couch to 5K presentation in December.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary.

Next Board meeting: TBD – Tim’s House

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