Board Meeting – June 2020


June Board Meeting

June 15, 2020, 

6:00 pm via Zoom meeting. 

Attendance: Rebecca Stanfield-McCown, Amanda Kievet, Dorcas DenHartog, Krissy Flythe, Kerianne Ketcham, Joffrey Peters, Tim Smith, Alex Hall, Geoff Dunbar, Tiff Currier

Absent: Paul Coats, Jim Burnett

Rebecca called to order: 6:10pm


  • Tim – Zoom pub nights and virtual Lucky’s coffee –  attendance low.  Going forward, as the Stay at Home order has been lifted, a group will review UVRC’s reopening plan (Hannah, Joffrey,  and contact Rebecca if you’d like to contribute). 
    • will review ideas (such as below) and formulate when, how, where, and who. 
    • begin with a Saturday run at Lebanon Green (where there is more space)  – start intro with masks, then run in groups <10, splitting up into smaller groups and stagger departure times then meet for take-out at Lucky’s. Contact tracing – recommend taking names/photos of who attend – as a safety measure.
    • Begin TNT at Occum and Tuck Drive, where we can be more spread out; suggestion: BYOB and post-run gathering on the Dartmouth Green. 
  • Krissy – Shamrock Shuffle will be virtual as well. Anytime July through August. No Red White and Blue 6.2. Selective activities/programming not in person until we get the all-clear, which is not looking promising. Refunds appear to have been completed. Membership – people still keep signing up! 229 members in May; 300+/-  is our past yearly total.  
  • Krissy  – Lebanon Rec activities – recommending groups to 10 people or less. If someone has a fever, they must go get checked. 
    • Mascoma River Greenway survey went out – waiting for results. 
    • She has been posting to UVRC Facebook page; analytics 10-24 folks click on FB TNT posts. 130-250 people/week click on it – eyes are on it. 
  • Amanda – new website design
    • Issue – once URL is switched over we lose all WordPress material. Once it’s solved we’ll go live.
  • Tim – #LRC update. It’s more popular than we realize/receive feedback for. Recommend we continue it.  Welcome more ideas!
  • Alex – we’re officially a verified Strava club
  • Tiff – virtual apparel store and UVRC warmup outfits update. 
    • Ready to take orders; 
    • Tiff will put a note in for next/July newsletter
    • And info when on a new website.
  • Dorcas – Zoom strength training with Carly Wynn
    • 4 to 6 people attending; seems to be increasing with each week
    • Email reminder – prior is key
    • Dorcas will send sample workout to Kerianne to promote it to C25k
  • Jim – annual banquet, elections, potential changes in the board membership and executive position 
    • No traditional picnic or banquet this year. 
    • Board members- please indicate if they will serve another term.
      • Jim, stepping aside as President after a two-year term. 
      • Board members send Jim an email about their decision by the next board meeting. 

           *Kerianne – Couch to 5k interest is waning: 

    • meeting 2/x on Zoom Tuesdays at 6pm for cool down, and Saturdays meet for warm up then go out on their own  – 20 signed up, 12 showed up at the beginning, now 6-8).  
    • August 2nd end of the program. 
    • Hoping to meet in person July 7th – 2x/week – after we’ve formulated a message.  
    • Final 5k? Instead of Run From the Law race make a course on upstream side of Union Village Dam, start early in the morning.  Contact Army Corp of Engineers to let them know.  (Dorcas, Kerianne, Tim)
    •  Tshirts? $10 from them to give them a shirt. 
  • Board members running for another two-year term – 
    • Jim (not as President), 
    • Paul (Treasurer), 
    • Dorcas (Secretary), 
    • Geoff, 
    • Tim. 
    • Not running – Alex. 
    • Tiff – yes interested, 
    • Joffrey – trails liaison.  
    • Rebecca  & Amanda  – too busy to be President.  
    • each out to Kerianne and Hannah Taska about being on the board. Looking for more board members and people to step into leadership positions.
  • 100mile relay – no one interested in organizing a team. 
  • Tim’s remote racing app: allows people to run the same race, different places, same time, the app will tell you how where your competitors are relative to you. 
    • He’s looking for people to test it with a larger group.
    • Fri-Sat-Sun 1 mile challenges.  (Dorcas will reach out to FS JNT and HHS xc).
    • Tim sets up the day, distance, and people connect before 5am, with a browser on the smartphone, give your name, and 20 seconds later it gives you feedback.  
  • Next Meeting: Monday, July 13th,  6pm.   Zoom meeting. Dorcas will lead.


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