Board Meeting – July 2020

July Board Meeting

July 13, 2020, 

6:00 pm via Zoom meeting. 

Attendance: Rebecca Stanfield-McCown, Amanda Kievet, Dorcas DenHartog, Krissy Flythe, Joffrey Peters, Tim Smith, Geoff Dunbar, Tiff Currier, Jim Burnett, Hannah Taska (guest)

Absent: Paul Coats, Alex Hall, 

Dorcas called to order, 6:05 pm


  • Alex
    • Memberships continue to trickle in. In June we had 5 new memberships, 3 of which are brand new to the club. A reminder that I’m maintaining a roster in the UVRC Board google drive folder accessible by all board members: 2020 UVRC Membership (this should generally match Krissy’s reports but the data gets massaged a little for accessibility)
    • Website: Deluxe hosting has not been helpful at all in our transition plan. Krissy paid for a dedicated IP address which should have allowed us to keep the old website alive, but out of view, and the new website would grab old information from it. This is an attempt to preserve our newsletter content. Deluxe Hosting has not done what we paid them to do and they are not responding to our support ticket. At some point they closed the ticket without resolution but we have reopened it.
      • Thank you Amanda for building and setting up the new website. 
      • Transitioning away from Deluxe Hosting completely seems like a necessary plan if we want to continue to control our online presence. 
      • We will need a definitive plan for the newsletter migration. I will help with any decision that’s made at the board meeting. I’m also happy to take a discussion offline with Amanda, Geoff, and anyone else that wants to be involved if that’s more appropriate.
    • Next year I am volunteering to continue with membership management/email lists unless the board wants to transition this to someone else. I will also plan to support/help out with the website and the running series. 
  • Jim – Recruiting new board members for November election
    •  – Kerrianne, Hannah, RJ, Matt, others??? 
      • An issue to consider.  If a board member also accepts payment for UVRC work, to avoid conflict of interest they could recuse themselves from any discussion involving their work, or ‘donate back’ their pay. 
      • Amanda will ask Kerianne if she would like to be a member.
      • Amanda will ask RJ and Matt have expressed interest in taking on the social chair and board member positions.
      • Jim will stay on as President but believes leadership should move towards younger leadership.
      • Should we have more than 11 board members???
      • Reassign Committee Chairs after November elections.


  • Tim – TNT, #LRC, Strava club and remote racing update
    • Occasional feedback that yes! people enjoy the options
    • LRC – fewer replies; there are those that do the challenge but don’t post. Nice summaries with photos in the Newsletter. 
    • TNT – and Remote Racer challenge. Will continue to post
    • (Krissy – posting this information on Facebook keeps people engaged on the website.
  • Krissy (and Kerianne) – C25K update, final 5K at UVD?
    • Saturday 9am time moved up to 8am, attendance low, Tuesdays attendance is low. This is the first time C25K has been offered over the summer; summer’s varied schedule and COVID can explain low participation. 
    • Membership update: 
      • 83 members in the family membership of 249 total – families are seeing value. 
  • Dorcas – Zoom mobility training with Carly Wynn update
    • Dorcas has asked Carly if she is comfortable, interested, in hosting a small group (9 people plus instructor) workout, perhaps at Eldredge Park by CCB. 
    • Follow Park and Rec’s guidelines. Attendance and take temperatures (check Park’s website for COVID guidelines)
  • Tiff – 
    • virtual UVRC store update in the next/August newsletter
  • Amanda – Website update
    • State of limbo with Deluxe Hosting (see Alex’s report)
  • Geoff – UVRS update
    • Holding pattern to see if we do a Fall series (Tiger run – Tiff says likely to cancel) Under the Tree, Run from the Law, the Sprouty, Hanover Turkey Trot)
      • Claremont IS having their All Out Trail Run

Will check with the committee about whether to continue or cancel.

  • Tim – Pub Night and Lucky’s zoom update
    • Such low interest that Amanda cancelled next Pub Night and Tim/Hannah ready to cancel Lucky’s Sat. Zoom. 
    • They will cancel the Zoom meeting links. 


Joffrey – do we have any items to give away swag for those who did the Mt. Washington RR challenge?

Dunbars and Krissy will check.

Next meeting: Monday, August 10, 2020, 6pm Zoom. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Dorcas DenHartog


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