Board Meeting – July 2019

July 15, 2019

Lebanon Town Hall

UVRC July Board Meeting Minutes



(Board*): Jim Burnett**, Dorcas DenHartog*, Alex Hall*, Tim Smith *, Amanda Kievet*,  Paul Coats*, Geoff Dunbar*, Rebecca Stanfield McCown*, Joffrey Peters*, Mike Gonnerman, Betsy Gonnerman, Mary Peters, Scott King, Krissy Flythe – Lebanon Parks and Recreation Department.

Not present: Tiffany Currier*

Meeting called to order 6:37pm

  1. Jim – Welcome Lebanon Rec. Department’s Krissy Flythe ( who will sub for Paul during his sabbatical.
  2. Betsy and Mike Gonnerman – Volunteer Program and Changes to Mount Washington Volunteers
  • They have reached out to event directors and coordinated help for each event. This required multiple email appeals.
    • For more effective response – send out appeals several times, regularity/familiarity of event (e.g. Mount Washington) helps.
    • Create volunteer event spreadsheet for the year
    •     Write a newsletter article for upcoming events with link to event spreadsheet. and showing members’ volunteer points, and per Mike: underline importance of club members’ volunteering commitments, explaining the benefits (lottery bypasses) to UVRC members from our robust and reliable volunteers at Mount Washington
    •     Reward volunteers who earn >=4points with trucker hat (Rebecca) – 1pt/UVRS or NHGP race, 2pts/volunteer for 2 events, 1pt/attend social event 
    • August/September: revisit to gather ideas and develop game plan
  1. Mary – Transition to new coaches for C25K Fall Program. 
  • Kerianne will be head coach ($1,000 stipend for two seasons – Fall and Spring) and Scott King will volunteer as assistant coach. 
  • Head coach responsibilities: planning, emails, individual email support.
  • UVRS entries an added incentive for coaches. 
  • Stipend/honorarium can be accepted or declined in writing, but remains a budget line item. 
  1. Paul – Proposed 2020 Budget: 
  • Make coaching fee it a line item in the budget as an ‘honorarium’ – the coach recuses themselves from the payment and states in writing 
  • Scholarship goal of $1,000 needs fundraising; is it important? Should we raise money separately from CBHM? Put Scholarship on hold until we decide if/how to fund it.
  • Membership dues are consistent (250-300 members)
  1. Dorcas: Scholarship and TNT
  •  Scholarship: See Paul’s note above. On hold until further notice.
  • HHS Track: is due to be repaired; when and how not known but should not interfere with fall TNT.
  1. Amanda and Alex – Social Committee
  • Picnic at Storr’s Pond, Thursday, August 8th, with a fun 5k event.
  1. Next Meeting: 
  • Monday, August 19, 6:30 at (to be confirmed by Jim – Lebanon Town Office).  Rebecca will lead; Jim is unable to attend.


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