Board Meeting – January 2019

UVRC BOARD MEETING – January 14, 2019 – 6:30 P.M. – LEBANON CITY HALL

Present (Board*): Tim Smith*, Geoff Dunbar*, Rebecca Stanfield McCown*, Alex Hall*, Jim Burnett*, Mary Peters, Amanda Kievet*, Dorcas DenHartog*, Tiffany Currier*, Joffrey Peters*, Kristin Coats, Paul Coats*

First order of business, nominate a new executive officers. Jim Burnett voted as President; Rebecca Stanfield McCown as Vice-President, Dorcas DenHartog as Secretary, Paul Coats continues as Treasurer.

Next: Jim, recognizing Betsy Gonnerman for her service as Board Secretary

Review of Action Items from December 2018 Board Meeting

      1. Completed: Recognize Nancy Dunbar, Lori Bliss, and team for Jingle Bell Run 2018
      2. Forward: Scholarship Fund. Not funded for 2020 due to the cancellation of Foliage Five
        1. Scholarship has been successful for two years. Hope to continue in the future
        2. It is a good outreach to local high school runners and coaches, letting young runners know of club opportunities for running post-school.
        3. Tim pointed out that guidance counselors are a better resource for connecting student-athletes with scholarships
        4. Action Item: find a source of funding for next year (Dorcas and UVRC)
        5. Action Item: Dorcas will find someone to help her with this project
      3. Jim: recommends each board member have a particular project that interests them.
      4. Couch to 5k: Kristin and Mary are on for leading Spring 2019; Neither will be able to continue Fall 2019
        1. Action Item: court and train volunteers to take over C25K responsibilities for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 (Kristin and Mary)
        2. Alumni C25K – Their goal is to run to stay fit with friends; they could be cheerleaders (‘coaches’) for new C25Kers
        3. Review: fee covers program fee + race entry + shirt and encouraged UVRC membership
        4. Suggestion: 9am Saturday runners come early and warm up with the 8am group, and a warm down with them after TNT to help bridge the perceived socio-emotional gap between the two groups.
        5. Action Item: create a Meetup email that includes the Saturday 8am and 9am runs and the Tuesday TNT runs (Kristen and Amanda)
      5. Membership: Action Item: goal of 300 members renewed by February 2019, one month before Shamrock Shuffle (Paul Coates and Alex Hall)
      6. Upper Valley Running Series (Geoff Dunbar): Feb. 3rd announcement of UVRS at RedZone 5k – Super Bowl Sunday, Dothan Brook Elementary School, Wilder, VT
        1. Thank you to Committee Members: Melissa Herman, Rob Daniels, Michael Musty, Laura Hagley, Judy Phillips, Rick Currier
        2. Action Item: Social committee will do something in conjunction with the RedZone 5K (Amanda)
        3. Action item: Online race registration for RedZone 5K ready (Paul Coats)
        4. Action Item: Website updated with the 2019 UVRC series (Alex Hall)
      7. NH Grand Prix Series: Jim and Geoff attended a recent meeting
        1. Eight races: includes two half marathons (Gate City Half and CHaD), and Shamrock Shuffle
        2. Encouraging after-race breakfast gatherings with the club members (Jim Burnett)
        3. Action Item: Recommend certifying more members to drive the (new!) van. April 2019 (Paul Coates)
      8. TNT Coach Search (Tim Smith)
        1. Pay the coach; use monies from membership fee increase.
        2. USATF Coaching Certification, 2 days, $200/course; next course offered in June
        3. Action Item: Form a committee to determine what our club needs to do to certify and pay coaches for TNT (Tim)
      9. Social Committee (Amanda Kievet)
        1. Action Item: contact Kevin and Nancy for recommendations; invite others to join the committee (Amanda)
      10. Saturday Morning Runs/Tuesday Night Track
        1. Mary Peters volunteered to lead Saturday Morning Runs through the spring
        2. Tim will continue leading winter TNT
      11. Dartmouth College Triathlon Club
        1. Jeff has more students signed up for the Dartmouth College Triathlon Club. In the past they paid $100/team to be UVRC members.
        2. Jeff suggested for 2019, $100/term ($400/year). Give students a code to sign up and sign the waiver.
        3. Action Item: Confirm the above fee and students’ registration and waiver process with Jeff (Paul Coats)
      12. Covered Bridges Half Marathon
        1. Start organizer needed with Kim Sheffield gone; Mike Silverman needs to know who we choose
        2. Responsibilities include: coordinate with timing, bus corrals, get volunteers to direct traffic of buses, and car drop-offs, and cleanup.
        3. Pacers are separate (Rebecca reminds us, we need more)
        4. Action Item: get Mike Silverman to write up what UVRC start organizer needs to do (Tiffany).
        5. Kristen: 1) CBHM fundraising non-profit teams: Haven Team, Positive Tracks, David’s House, Family Place, CHaD. Could UVRC schedule a free talk to incentivize these runners?
        6. Action Item: Ask Cioffredi if they would like to host CBHM fundraiser non-profit teams to talk on running and fitness (Paul Coats)
        7. Can we provide a free/discounted UVRC membership?
        8. Invite them to Saturday and Tuesday and Saturday preview runs from Billings Farm out and back on River Road
        9. It would not cost UVRC anything; similar to Dartmouth Tri Team discount; an opportunity to bring more members into the Club.
      13. Next Meeting
        1. Action Item: Dorcas will poll the members for the next date, place, and time.
      14. Agenda for next meeting:
        1. Review UVRC Mission Statement
        2. Review Action Items
        3. Forward to next meeting: new membership incentive ideas from Anne

Respectfully submitted, Dorcas E. DenHartog, Secretary

Next Board meeting: Monday, February 11, 2019 – 6:30 p.m. – Lebanon City Hall

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