Board Meeting – February 2018


Members present: Tim Smith, Kevin Hartstein, Paul Coats, Betsy Gonnerman, Jim Burnett, Megan Miller, Julie Paye, Rob Daniels, Alex Hall
Members absent: Geoff Dunbar, Kim Sheffield

    1. Vacancies on Board: Alex Hall has agreed to join the Board. He also will be the webmaster. Travis Peters will be doing membership roster management.
    2. Main St. Mile: Tim continues to work with Liz Burdette, Hanover Park & Rec, to finalize a date. Changing from Saturday to Thursday will depend on okay from Police dept. Both DERT and the Dartmouth Tri team have expressed interest in participating in this event as a competition. It is hoped that high school teams will do the same.
    3. Hanover Track: Tim will talk to Dorcas re this need, and whether they want/need a donation from our club.
    4. Volunteer chart: Megan has put together a chart, and will update it with latest members.
    5. Social Committee activities: Kevin has been working on dates for the summer picnic, holiday banquet, and after-race get-togethers for 2 away NHGP races. He is soliciting other members to be on the Social Committee.
    6. UVRC clothing: Paul has a supply of singlets, which sell for $35 each. Rob has offered to poll the membership as to their interest in other clothing options, and then manage those orders.
    7. CBHM: Mike Silverman has promised Paul that a check will be coming to UVRC after the race, for our volunteer participation in the race. A discussion ensued as to possible uses of this money.
    8. Couch to 5K Program: A request has been made to offer a 5k to 10k program. This will be passed on to Mary Peters.

    Action Items:

    1. Jim will promote the NHGP, as he has in the past, with the help of Lee Peters.
    2. Tim will continue to work with Hanover Park & Rec re date for Main St. Mile.
    3. Tim will contact Dorcas re Hanover High School track plans.
    4. Kevin will send an email out re dates for picnic, banquet, and post-race get-togethers.
    5. Rob will send an email to the membership re interest in clothing purchases.
    6. Rob will send an email re UVRS.

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