Board Meeting – December 2018

UVRC BOARD MEETING – December 9, 2018 – 6:30 P.M. – HOME OF TIM SMITH

Board Members Present: Tim Smith, Jim Burnett, Geoff Dunbar, Alex Hall, Kevin Hartstein, Betsy Gonnerman, Dorcas DenHartog, Amanda Kievet, Joffrey Peters
Board Members Absent: Paul Coats, Julie Paye, Megan Miller, Rob Daniels, Kim Sheffield, Tiffany Currier, Rebecca Stanfield-McCown
Others Present: Mike G. Nancy D., Cody, Annie, Vanessa

    1. Board turnover: We thanked the outgoing Board members (Megan Miller, Rob Daniels, Julie Paye, Kevin Hartstein, and Betsy Gonnerman) and welcomed the incoming Board members
      (Dorcas DenHartog, Joffrey Peters, Amanda Kievet, Rebecca Stanfield-McCown, and Tiffany Currier).
    2. Jingle Bell Run: Nancy will be sending out an email shortly, with the details.
    3. Scholarships: Dorcas will be taking control of this task: contacting local HS coaches, and collecting and evaluating entries.
    4. Couch to 5K: A presentation by Mary and Kristin about this program and its planned expansion will be pushed to 2019.
    5. Coach: The unfortunate news that Kim Sheffield will no longer be returning to the Upper Valley each summer to coach UVRC was announced. Discussion ensued as to who will coach our club. We discussed the feasibility of hiring a coach, who could help with TNT, as well as Couch to 5k, Saturday runs, and winter workouts.
    6. TNT: Meanwhile, Tim and Jim will continue to coach the winter workouts at Occom Pond. Tim will send out an email re this.
    7. Website: Alex announced that the roster is no longer available on the website. Both Paul and Alex have full rosters, if anyone is seeking a members’ email address. Also, a Board group list has been created, in addition to the Admin and All lists.
    8. New Board: At the January meeting, the Board will be selecting their new officers (President and Vice-President). Paul will continue as treasurer, and Dorcas volunteered to be secretary. They will also set up a meeting schedule for the year. In addition, they will be addressing the need for members to help with the following areas:
      1. Newsletter (Amanda, Laura Petto, Geoff)
      2. UVRS (Geoff)
      3. NHGP (Jim)
      4. Sat. Morning Runs
      5. Social Committee (Amanda, with others)
      6. Volunteers
      7. Webmaster (Alex)
      8. Communications (Travis)
      9. MWRR (Mike G. and Rebecca)
      10. Pacing (Rebecca and Alden)
      11. Clothing
      12. Outreach to trail running community (Joffrey)
      13. Cough to 5k (Mary and Kristin)
      14. Shoe Recycling (Jim)

Action Items:

    1. Nancy to send out email re: Jingle Bell Run
    2. Dorcas to contact local coaches re: Scholarship
    3. Kim to send CBHM volunteer info to Mike Silverman and Nancy
    4. Tim to send out an email re: Kim’s departure and the continuation of TNT

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary

Next Board meeting: Monday, January 14, 2019 – 6:30 p.m. – Lebanon City Hall

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