Board Meeting – December, 2017


Members present: Tim Smith, Geoff Dunbar, Betsy Gonnerman, Paul Coats, Jim Burnett, Megan Miller, Julie Paye

Members absent: Mike Silverman, Kevin Hartstein, Kim Sheffield

  1. NHGP – Geoff reported on the meeting re race selection for 2018. An email is going out with the complete list of races. Two of them are in the Upper Valley: Shamrock Shuffle in March and the CHaD Half Marathon in October. In addition, at the meeting, it was decided to add open divisions for males and females. There is also interest in having trophies for the club winner, and each of the open winners. The Board decided that they would be willing to financially support a third of this cost. Discussion ensued re increasing participation in the series among members. Would post-race get-togethers be an enticement? We agreed that we could try this at a couple of the races. We also would like to have the UVRC tent at as many races as possible – this needs a volunteer.
  2. Membership – An email needs to go out, reminding members to renew their memberships. First, we need to find a new volunteer, to take on the web manager role, which Dave Sullivan had been doing. Tim will contact a few people, to see if we can get this role filled as soon as possible.
  3. Volunteers – It was agreed that we need more volunteers in many aspects of the club. We divided up the projects of the club into: Races (UVRS, NHGP, CBHM, Foliage 5, MWRR Main St. Mile); Training (TNT, Sat. a.m. runs); Social Activities (picnic, banquet, pub nights); Communication (website, mailing list, social media, newsletter); Couch to 5K program. The person assigned to each project will need to solicit volunteers from a master list. Rob Daniels is taking over the UVRS from Dave Sullivan. Geoff and Laura Petto are doing the newsletter. Kevin Hartstein will be heading up the Social Committee. There are still many spots to be filled.
  4. Running advocacy – Tim reported that he occasionally gets contacted to help out a group – e.g. the Girl Scouts. It is often hard to fill their requests, but we could do this if we had adequate advance notice.
  5. Board – Since we have an opening, due to the departure of Dave Sullivan, it was recommended that Rob Daniels be asked to serve.
  6. Budget – Paul did not have exact figures with him, but said the expenditures were approximately $4000 last year for the following items: picnic, banquet, singlets, coach for CT5K, scholarship, website expenses. The Board asked Paul to present more exact figures next month. The Social Committee, for example, should know how much money is available to them.
  7. Meeting times – Last year, the meetings alternated between morning and evening, at two different places, to try to meet the schedules of the members. We decided to stick to one place and time for 2018 – third Monday at 6:30 at Lebanon City Hall.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary

Next Board Meeting – Monday, Jan. 15 – 6:30 p.m. – Lebanon City Hall

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