Board Meeting – August, 2017


Members present: Tim Smith, Geoff Dunbar, Paul Coats, Betsy Gonnerman

Members absent: Kevin Hartstein, Dave Sullivan, Jim Burnett, Mike Silverman, Megan Miller, Julie Paye, Kim Sheffield

Non-members present: Dorcas Wonsavage, Mike Gonnerman

  1. Scholarship: A photo of the recipient and an article appeared recently in the Valley News. It was recommended that next year, in addition to contacting the athletic directors at the local high schools, that the coaches be directly contacted as well. It was also recommended that Kim (or another UVRC representative) go to practices at the high schools, to announce it, as well as give the schools printouts to post in their locker rooms. The scholarship committee can hopefully help with this.
  2. Foliage Five: It has been determined that the previous course will not be able to be used. Paul has been working with the towns of Thetford and Norwich, to obtain permits for a proposed new course, which will start near the Union Dam.
  3. Barbecue: Kevin has sent out emails re the summer picnic, to be held at the Dimock Pavilion at Storrs Pond on Thursday Aug. 25, following a race on the Fiddlehead Five course.
  4. Lancer Timing: Jim Burnett spoke with a rep from this timing co., who expressed interest in helping us with the Main St. Mile next year. This would depend on whether they had availability on the chosen date. A Thursday evening race is being considered and/or an April date. Tim would like to find out if Dartmouth students would be interested in competing. Also, we can make this race part of the UVRS.
  5. Newsletter: The board commended Geoff on a great job.
  6. Couch to 5K: Paul announced that there are over 20 new entrants, which illustrates that this is still a popular program. Doing a spring session will depend on finding a coach.
  7. Saturday morning runs: Attendance has been down, but not sure why. Question of how to attract the slower runners.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary

Next Board Meeting: Monday, Sept 18 – 7:00 p.m. – Lebanon City Hall

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