UVRS Scoring

The scoring system is designed to reward both participation and performance.

Eligibility: You must be a club member to earn points in the series, or be a series finisher. If you join before the second race in the series, we will include your scoring in the first race; however, if you join after the second race, we will only include your scores in the races you run after joining.

Entry: It does not matter if you sign up for the series, sign up for each race online, or do race day entry. To help with scoring, it helps if you sign up with the same name each time you race. You can use your full name or a nickname, but consistency helps! We do our best to capture all forms of mistakes that creep into the results, but we are human and we make mistakes. If you see any discrepancies do not hesitate to contact the scorekeeper (Michael Musty).

Racing Age: Age group will be determined by your age on the day of your first race in the series.

Divisions: There will be male and female divisions divided by age as follows: 0-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+.

Races: Best 6 out of 9 races will count towards the season championships. No minimum number of races to be eligible for series age group division awards. Scoring only applies to the designated distance in races with multiple distances. Pay attention to the series page about which distance is scoring this year!

Finisher: To be a series finisher, you must complete 6 of the races in the series. If a given race has 2 distances (say 5K/10K), both distances are eligible for series finisher. The designated distance is still the only distance that qualifies for point scoring!

Timing: In races that report net (start & end chip mat) timing, that net time will be considered as the runner's official finish time with regard to awarding UVRS points.

Points: All finishers will receive points. If you do not finish or participate in an event, you will receive 0 points for that event. Points will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st 100
  • 2nd 90
  • 3rd 82
  • 4th 75
  • 5th 69
  • 6th 63
  • 7th 58
  • 8th 53
  • 9th 49
  • 10th 45
  • 11th 41
  • 12th 37
  • 13th 34
  • 14th 31
  • 15th 28
  • All other finishers 25

Tie Breakers: Ties in point standings will be settled by:

  1. Head to Head competition (order of most recent race that both/all competed).
  2. Highest placing athlete at final event.
  3. Athlete who participated in highest number of events.

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