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UVRC Vermont 50 Volunteers

By: Bill Young

The Leaves, Moose, Cattle, Volunteers, Mist, Sun and Runners were brilliant for the infamous Vermont 50, Sunday September 26. UVRC volunteers have staffed Ralph's Aid Station at 7.1 miles on the 50 kilometer course for the past 6 or so years.  About 150 runners trotted out of the fog down a lovely county lane about one hour after the 8 am start.  They were pumped and grateful for the bananas, Swedish Fish, chips, pickles, M and Ms, watermelon, liquids, music, cowbells, cheers and selfies with the Moose.  Thank you to Mike Silverman, Co-Chair of the Vermont 50 for the superb logistics and Amy Rusiecki for the Volunteer support.   Thank you to Micaela Dorf and Sarah Young for the smiling and skilled food and crowd management at Ralphs.  Thank you to Sandy Bryant, Andy, Laura, Allie and Todd MacKenzie for the talented family pouring, food tong slice serving and COVID smart service.  Thank you Doug, our ham radio man for answering all our questions, "How many more on the course?"  Many familiar UVRC faces and feet were spotted speeding 3.9 miles on to Margaritaville and 23 miles to the Finish.  Keep calm and run on.  

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