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Tuesday Night Track & Lone Runner Challenges Update

By: Tim Smith

Tuesday Night Track - Winter Version

Normally in the winter we dial back the intensity of TNT and go into a kind of jogging hibernation.  But that year we can't real "dial back" since we have been in a low-intensity holding pattern since - I don't remember.  Still, we change the pattern.  I post a month long cycle of works.  You will hear from me every week, but it will follow the the sequence;

Week 1: Long intervals.  The most common thing would be repeat miles.

Week 2: "Two Beer Tuesday".  A two mile time trial.

Week 3: Hills.

Week 4: Tempo Runs. 

Week 5: (Dec 29 & March 30) We don't have many 5th weeks this year.  I'll try to figure out sometime unique.

And please remember head lamps, reflector vest and all your other means of being visible.

Lone Runner Challenges

With the COVID numbers on the rise, the UVRC board has put in-person Saturday runs on the back burner.  So the "Lone Runner Challenge" is back again.  

What makes this work is not really the challenges, but rather when people post their responses to the challenges.  I see a few postings in the last two weeks, and I collect them into an article for next month's newsletter.  

By the way, if you have ideas for a new challenge, or there was a challenge in the Spring which you think is worth repeating, please email me.

Yes, we are all suffering from COVID fatigue.  But I know you guys are made of tough stuff - I've seen the way you run and race.  So hang in there and post your runs to entertain us.  And I am looking forward to running in your sweat filled presences in the Spring/Summer.

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