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The Training that is Easiest to Schedule: Active Commute

By: Nadia Lafrenière

For my whole adult life, I have commuted to work on my bike most days, especially in the warm season. I started doing so because I could not afford a bus ticket, but I really got hooked and saw my mood and energy increase when I bike in the morning. It also helps me be mentally sharper and awake.

One thing that I like about active commuting, whether it is biking, walking, or rollerblading (anyone?), is that it is not easy to cancel. You have to commute anyway, so you would need to make a new plan if you cancel. Since bikes get premium parking spots, my commute between Hanover and Lebanon takes the exact same time on a bike and with a car, including the walk from the parking lot. The only difference in my schedule is that I don’t have to schedule a workout on top of it. Conclusion: biking instead of driving saves me time!

I’ve heard a bunch of reasons why people do not bike to work, and here are solutions to them, in case you are not yet convinced:

Will I need to take a shower when I get to work?

Most people who bike during the morning, when the temperatures are cooler, do not need to take a shower at work. But I would definitely recommend carrying fresh clothes and deodorant.

The Upper Valley is not flat. What about those hills?

They are just there to help you build muscles ahead of race days. (This is also supposed to be a workout!)

What if I’m working from home?

You can pick an imaginary office and bike to this place a few times a week. Maybe it’s a place with scenic views or just another town with a nice bike path. You can even choose a new office every day if you want to vary your commute!

If you happen to bike (or rollerblade) to work, I’d love to hear how it works for you!

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