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Running Streak

By: Julia Neily

COVID has been rough but has given me gifts too.  I used to run on the treadmill; I felt safer inside, afraid of dogs.  Now I am on a running streak outdoors and when I hiked Cardigan Sunday I welcomed dogs and petted them. So grateful my oldest daughter has two dogs that I love.   May 31st I retired from my job as a nurse and am now a full time mom. 

I started running outside with COVID.  When the shutdown first happened it was eerie, no sound of cars outdoors.  I met my neighbors, I didn't know them before except for one.  I started running outside as my daily outdoors time.  Just down to the mailbox across from the Marsh Brothers store; about a mile down and back from my house.  It felt good.  I heard birds, saw the sky and looked up instead of down at my phone and computer.  I saw the seasons change from lilacs to sunflowers to roses to strawberries to blueberries and now apples.  I grew up in Lynn, Massachusetts.  Sidewalks, bars, sirens and cigarette smoke, cars.  It is beautiful up here.  Early morning runs after a hailstorm and the trees down after a storm that was like a hurricane. 

Now I know Tom and Doray, who walk every morning, Craig and his dog Rocky, Chrissy and Ethan with their one month old Hazel and Pamela with her dogs Diamond and Blue.   Dawn and her husband next door.  I go into my garden most days and weed a little bit.  I decided to do a streak, to keep myself running outdoors.  Rules for me are at least one mile, outside running and more is better.  I don’t go fast but I go.  Today will be day 57.  I even got to see Paul Coats and his dog Norman.  I smile and wave at the cars going by.  Usually the same cars most days.  

Will the streak continue when it gets cold?  I hope I will draw upon my Winter Wild experiences of early morning runs up  mountains.   Someone said, there is no bad weather, only bad attire.  So I’ll buy warmer running clothes.  Mike Cryans inspired me with his running streak.  My goal is  1000 days.  I had a grandchild  who also inspires me. I want to be healthy and live long so I can enjoy her.  So many blessings.  Sunshine, blue skies and rain to help the gardens.  I miss races but enjoy getting outdoors.  Here’s to another running day. 

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