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Running Streak — November

By: Julia Neily 

Why do I run? It clears my head, gives time to think, pray and enjoy nature without a cell phone or kids asking questions. When I run I don’t eavesdrop to how my husband is managing the kids — will he give her another frozen waffle? When I run I hear the birds. Yesterday I saw a beautiful, deep red and black woodpecker. On long runs, I get a little bored sometimes which is refreshing because my head is usually filled with to-do’s and what’s on my schedule.

I retired from my job as a nurse in June so I could be a full time mom, wife and grandmother. This is a huge shift for me. When I am in my house, which is a lot of the time, I see the floors that need to be cleaned, dust to clear - no more housecleaner every two weeks, that is me now. Not complaining, strangely enough I actually like cleaning. I like the smell of pine-sol and murphy’s oil soap. But I’ll also go hold my granddaughter instead if I get the chance. She is 4 months old now and I can’t believe they named her after me. I run so I can hopefully live longer to be with her.  

On day 141 I decided I’d give up my running streak. My rules are at least one mile outside to count as a day. I used to love the treadmill. It was safe, no dogs, no weather and I used to read on it and make notes of what I'd do that day or future goals. So one of my biggest challenges with my streak is the outdoors part. It doesn’t count if I run inside.  

I hate Covid but it has had some unexpected benefits. It has made me get outdoors and appreciate the outside more. But on day 141 I hadn’t slept well, had a stomach ache, and felt depressed.  

Holidays can be hard, my dad died 17 years ago on my birthday Dec. 16th. I miss my work friends and the escape of my job. I am challenged by my daughter with special needs and how she’s doing. So I told my husband I was done with the streak and I went back to sleep at 8 am.  He just peacefully said you won’t break your streak. I slept. I woke up and the sun had come out. You don't have to go fast, you just have to go, I told myself. I went. Two miles and then after a shower I felt better. My streak continues.  

Why do you run? Anyone else doing a streak? I’d love to hear.

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