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Running Streak; A year

By: Julia Neily

On July 6, 2021 I reached a year on my running streak. My rules are at least one mile running and outside. Most days I run 2 miles; from my house to the LIttle Store and back.  I’ve made so many new friends. I was in the Lebanon Coop and a man said, “Hey you are that runner I see in the morning?” Then the other day another guy pulled over and introduced himself saying, “I just had to say hi after seeing you run so many days.” He is a veteran; We had a great chat.  

One of the other great parts is that running outside each day has become a habit, I sleep better and it calms me. I feel like it helped keep me sane and healthy during the worst of the pandemic. My goal is 1000 days. Is anyone else doing a running streak? I’d love to hear about it!

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