Runner Profile


Name: Helene Sisti

Town: Wilder, Vermont

Where are you from originally and what brought you to this area?

I am from New Jersey. My job at Norwich University brought me to this area. My family would always vacation in southern Vermont, so I have many fond memories here.

What do you do professionally?

I’m a Professor. 

How long have you been running? 

Since I was 14.

How long have you been running competitively?

I competed for 8 years (high school and college).

The road races I’ve done on and off since college, always at the 5k distance.. It is only since joining UVRC that I started entering 10k’s and winning my age group!

Why do you run?

 I love it!

Recent memorable moment while running?

The New England Half-marathon in Concord, NH. It was my first one! It was so nice to see all the smiling faces of the UVRC runners at the end of the race.

Best athletic accomplishment and why?

Being on the All-Time List of 400 meter hurdlers at Dartmouth College. When the list first came out there were only about 10 of us. The list has grown quite a bit, but because it’s based on time, my place is cemented :).

If you like to race, notable race moment? OR most memorable race?

My most memorable race was when I qualified for ECACs in the 400 meter hurdles. It was my PR. It felt so good to float over the 8th hurdle. My teammates told me that I was smiling during that race.

Cross training activities? 

Mountain biking and alpine skiing

Any notable streaks or other unusual running events?

When I lived in Philadelphia, I ran with the Fishtown Beer Runners Club. We’d run all throughout the city, then meet at a bar for a drink.

What made you start running?

I joined the spring track team freshman year in high school. Gymnastics was my fall sport and I was looking for something fun to do after school in the spring. I also did high jump and long jump back then. 

Are your reasons for running now the same or different than the reason you first started?

I run because it feels good. I like to challenge myself and to be outside with people. The reasons are pretty much the same as when I started!

Why did you join UVRC? 

Before moving here, I was down in Haddonfield, NJ. They had a great running club and I really enjoyed it. Even just running once a week with a group of like-minded people really energizes me. As soon as I moved here last summer, I looked for a running club in the area. I was very happy to discover UVRC!

Ever run in a costume? 

I have not, but I love when people do!

The only running shoe for me is…

A motion stability shoe.

Ever been injured? How did it happen?

IT band syndrome- I increased my mileage too quickly without the right stretching.

What is your favorite race?

Any Turkey Trot

Favorite running book/film?


How about favorite work out?

I like the “fartlek” workout. Hills and ladders are always fun too.

If you could run with anyone, who would be the person? 

My youth gymnastics coach, Kerry Sanwald. He had a passion for the sport and was an inspiration to me.

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