Route of the Month

Rip Road

By: Laura Petto

Route Name: Rip Road


Route Distance: 4.00 miles

Elevation: 252 ft

Terrain Type: all road

Description: Rip Road is a classic, with smaller hills interspersed, rather than one big hill. I like to go clockwise, as I’ve linked in my Strava route, but at least two UVRC members adamantly believe the “correct” direction is counterclockwise. This loop was a staple of my first two years here – short, flatter than going into Norwich, and out of Dartmouth. On Lyme Road, you’ll get a nice flat horizon view, and the sun rises beautifully over the eastern tree line. It can get a little hectic, traffic-wise, if you run around 7-8 as kids are going to the Ray school – crossing at the roundabout and then from Resevoir to Hemlock may be a little difficult. As someone coming from two different flatlands, this route served as a nice transition to running routes with steeper or longer uphills. Lots of runners, bikers, and walkers on this route. I like to think of this as a classic suburban route – about half the route is running in neighborhoods rather than the dirt road setting of previous routes I’ve covered. No huge vistas, but also no huge climbs! Also, unlike some of the Norwich routes, I have cell service for the entire route, which may be useful if you want to stay in service areas for health reasons, or you chat on the phone while running! A fun diversion I’ve done a couple times is run with a little backpack, stopped at the coop at the corner of Lyme and Resevoir, and run home with a few groceries – just a little fun challenge! 

Variations: Take some of the Pine Park trails off of Lyme or cross to Rayton street instead of turning right onto E. Wheelock to make a larger loop

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