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Lone Runner Challenge: Wear The Hat

By: Tim Smith

One of the things I will miss this March (and we missed last year) because of the pandemic is the Shamrock Shuffle.  There are all sorts of good things about shuffle season; the sap is running in the maples, teammates who have been buried under six feet of snow start to reappear,  and the Shamrock Shuffle is anything but a shuffle - being the fastest miles of the early season.

Undoubtedly one of the cheeriest sights of race day is when the race director stands up to call us to the line - wearing his over sized, emerald green topper.  His "chapeau", his "lid". That Irish Green Top Hat.  The Mad Hatters Hat!

If I was to win this race, perhaps I would be bold enough to ask Paul Coats if I could don his headpiece the color of the hills of Eire!

Today you can do it!  This months challenge - go out and run your own Shamrock Shuffle, photograph yourself, and then use the special-to-UVRC website to add Paul's Emerald crown to your own head.

Then post it for use!

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