November 2020 Board Meeting

6:00 pm via Zoom meeting. 


Tim Smith, Amanda Kievet, Alex Hall, Geoff Dunbar, Jim Burnett, Joffrey Peters, Krissy Flythe, Robert Jones (RJ), Hannah Taska, Matt Sherman, Tiff Currier, Rebecca Stanfield-McCown

Absent: Dorcas DenHartog, Paul Coats

Jim  called to order, 6:03pm

Agenda/Action Items for October Meeting, 11/16/20

  • Krissy, Keriann - C25K update
  • Alex - backup person update
  • Geoff - board slate and election logistics update
  • Tim - TNT and #LRC update
  • Amanda, Geoff, Alex - UVRC website transition update
  • Krissy - membership renewals update
  • Tiff - online apparel store update
  • Dorcas, Alex, Amanda - prep November meeting minutes, post August, September, October minutes on website as soon as possible
  • Joffrey - trail running update
  • others?
Response to new COVID regulations

Amanda: Due to Vermont's new regulations prohibiting all inter-household socializing, UVRC should encourage its members to uphold new safety measures. The only in-person program happening currently is Couch to 5k which has three practices left. The suggestion is to move the rest of it to virtual and extend an offer to participants to join next in-person of Couch to 5k at no cost.

Action Item: Jim to email all members encouraging them to follow Vermont's new guidelines by not running with anyone outside their household. Amanda to advise on wording.

Action Item: Krissy to communicate with Keriann about Couch to 5k going virtual for the remainder of the season.

Revolving Account Status

Krissy: Leb Rec found out that UVRC has been carrying over around $12,000 (a lot more than we thought we had) in our revolving account year to year which should get spent. Paul Coats has suggested using it for infrastructure such as a water fountain. Suggestions from the board included purchasing gift cards/credit for caterers for future social events post-pandemic, putting it toward school running programs, putting it toward Lebanon High school Track renovations, better club prizes, subsidizing Couch to 5k and/or UVRC club memberships, more free social events.

Action Item: Krissy to share information about the Leb Rec water fountain project to see if that's something the club would want to spend on.

Action Item: Krissy to investigate whether we can earmark money for post-pandemic times.

Lone Runner Challenge Update

Tim Smith: A number of people are participating but it's easiest on Tim if folks email him directly when they do so he can find their posts.

Action Item: Tim to remind people to wear high visibility clothing and follow COVID guidelines in his next post.

Next UVRC Board Slate 2021 - 2023

Geoff Dunbar: New UVRC Board slate includes: Jim Burnett, Geoff Dunbar, Tim Smith, Dorcas DenHartog, Krissy Flythe, Tiff Currier, Robert Jones (RJ), Matt Sherman. Total number is down one from current board from nine to eight.

Action Item: Geoff to send out the ballot to the club and to introduce the new board in the next few weeks.

Mt. Washington Road Race

Rebecca Stanfield-McCown — If the race does happen in June, things will work differently than they have. Women will run Saturday and men on Sunday which means there will not be packet pickup on Friday and therefore UVRC will not have its volunteer shift then. We still have our eight bypass bibs which means we need to provide eight volunteers. Half of the folks who got them have responded that they are planning on running and providing a volunteer. We are uncertain about how the volunteer slot will play out this year at this time.

UVRC Merch Orders

Tiff — Preparing for summer apparel. The club likes the trucker hats and wants more like that. Amanda + Tiff would like to see wool clothing make a comeback in the club.

Action Item: Tiff to ask if Top Stitch might work with other suppliers to get something like an Ibex garment.

Action Item: Anyone with merch ideas should send them to Tiff

Next meeting: Monday, December 21st, 2020. Zoom link to be sent before the meeting. 

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