Member Submission


By: Geoff Dunbar

Your current newsletter editors, myself and Amanda Kievet, are planning to step down at the end of this calendar year (December 2021). What will happen to the beloved UVRC newsletter? This is where you come in. We’d like to bring in some folks in the short term to help out and learn the ropes. Then, once the new editors feel comfortable, they can take over the whole operation.

There are two main tasks. One is collecting articles, which doesn’t involve much technical skill; being able to do email is probably enough. Someone who is relatively social and present at club events is probably a good fit for this role. The other is actually putting together the newsletter; this person just needs to be a little savvy with a computer. Anyone who uses social media or any other web-based publishing platform could do it.

Anyone who is interested in helping out, email us at We’ve had some interest but we really need some more folks to step up; otherwise the newsletter may have to take a bit of a hiatus!

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