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Fairlee Town Forest

By: Jennifer Hansen


Fairlee Town Forest, Fairlee VT

Percentage runnable


Elevation change

The system contains three high points, the highest being Bald Top (1776'—first photo). Eagle's Bluff is another nice viewpoint. (second photo). Wood roads are gentle; trails have some easy inclines and some steeper sections. 


Variable - I did a nice 6.6 out-and-back from Lake Morey to Bald Top one afternoon, and a comfortable 3.8 out-and-back from Blood Brook Road to Bald Top one morning. You can put together longer loops combining dirt roads and forest trails. 

Ease of Navigation

Well-blazed and signed trails throughout. 

Parking areas are well-noted on the maps, and are easy to find on the ground

Map of Fairlee Town Forest

Map of Cross-Rivendell Trail

Other users

Many hikers, some dogs, X-C skiers 

Lake Morey may lie under ice right now, but the Fairlee town forest is open for business. It  contains several miles of very runnable hiking trails. Try them out in winter or make a note to visit there later this year. 

I used the Cross-Rivendell Trail map and the Fairlee town forest map to plan a couple of routes. The CRT map gives mileages on the CRT, but not the other trails, and you can cross-reference with the Fairlee map and estimate to get some non-CRT routes. I'm looking forward to trying some more routes in the future.  

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