December Board Meeting

6:00 pm via Zoom meeting. 


Amanda Kievet, Krissy Flythe, Tim Smith, Geoff Dunbar, Alex Hall, Matt Sherman, Robert Jones (RJ), Dorcas DenHartog

Absent:  Tiff Currier, Jim Burnett, Joffrey Peters, Rebecca Stanfield-McCown, 

Krissy called to order, 

Agenda/Action Items for December Meeting, 12/18/20

  • Geoff - discuss promoting diversity in UVRC (suggestion from Jennifer Hansen. Support gender differences (bathroom options), Finding our Stride - a local organization introduce young, socio-economically challenged students to running
  • Jim, Krissy - customized face mask order has been made; to be given to new and renewing members for 2021. 
  • Krissy, Matt, RJ - C25K update following the cancelation of the Fall program; plan tentatively for a Spring program; 
  • Geoff, Jim - election results: suggested board approved unanimously; we got 43 responses, all of which voted for the recommended slate; officers will be voted on at first meeting of the new Board:

* Jim Burnett

* Geoff Dunbar

* Tim Smith

* Dorcas DenHartog

* Tiff Currier

* Robert (RJ) Jones

* Matt Sherman

* Krissy Flythe (*)

  • Tiff - Online store update
  • Tim - New Lone Runner Challenge, Chain Run, will offer one a month vs. one per week. January he’ll ask people to post their other winter activities; 
  • Amanda - Wolf Tree (WRJ) has been hiding tokens around local trails, redeemable for cocktails; Tim suggested we partner with an organization and offer to hide tokens for them, encouraging people to get out onto the  trails
  • Geoff - Push for existing members to renew for 2021; Alex will write up a blurb for the next newsletter; Krissy - Welcome message thoughts - highlighting what the club offers/what members get for their membership (TNT, LoneRunner, newsletter, discounts at Omer and Bob’s, UVRC/Strava group, - when there is racing we have a van to drive as a group to races; support at Mount Washington RR, UVRunning Series, NH GrandPrix - compete as a team against other NH running clubs

  • Krissy - Instagram account? Try to encourage people to #UVRC (but that is already taken; Amanda will look into a different version, like #runUVRC; we need someone to oversee the account - Krissy will check with Rebecca and could push out material from the Rec. Dept. 
  • Alex - re: money in the account; ideas - water fountain for Town of Lebanon; buy gear and sell back to members (eg wool beanies); 

Next board meeting: Monday January 18th (MLK Day) at 6 pm on Zoom

Agenda for January 18th meeting

  • Jim - mask order update

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