UVRC Response to COVID-19

[updated November 19, 2020]

VT Gov Phil Scott recently announced increased restrictions due to COVID-19 for Vermont including no socializing with anyone outside your household. This includes running/walking outside. At our UVRC Board Meeting on November 16th, the board decided to follow Scott’s lead and to encourage our membership to adhere to this added restriction. 

As I am sure you are all aware, new cases of COVID-19 are rising dramatically as we head into the winter months. We are hopeful that the new vaccines and therapies can be distributed smoothly, will be effective and that a return to more normal socializing will come soon, perhaps this coming spring. We look forward to reestablishing our in-person activities as it becomes safe and will keep you posted going forward.

Jim Burnett, UVRC President

We recognize both the need for social distancing as well as the need to maintain the spirits of our community. In the past, the Upper Valley Running Club has held regularly scheduled runs as well as less structured events (think parties!). We have had to cancel or postponed most face-to-face events in 2020. We have explored a series of online and virtual events to keep our membership engaged. Unfortunately everything has moved pretty fast; this page can serve as a guide to the types of events or how to stay connected, but it may not have 100% up to date information on our current offerings. As always, joining the club and being added to our email list is the best way to stay up to date with our offerings.

To non-members, please feel free to participate, comment, etc.  We in UVRC recognize that the COVID-19 crisis affects everyone, and as a community we want to help each other.

Tuesday Night Track (TNT)

We all still need to run!  With races cancelled and postponed the emphasis is on maintenance of condition. There are also some grassroots efforts for small group workouts that members have developed. While we can't wait to get back on the track regularly we do not have formal plans at this moment to bring back our regular Tuesday workouts in person.

 Workouts are still emailed to all club members each week.  They are also posted on:

Lone Runner Challenge

Much like the rest of the world, the club went into lockdown in March 2020. To encourage our runners to get out and explore the world around them we put together challenges which could be completed by anyone and from anywhere. Challenges were posted to UVRC's Club Strava Page on or around Thursday of each week.  The idea is to go out there and do something new, different and fun. While we haven't been releasing new challenges, all past challenges can still be done whenever you want. Afterwards harriers post their runs and photos on Strava, and check in the club forum to tell us about it.

Past Challenges have included

Warning:  For a runner, “fun” may include a lot of sweat and mud!

UVRC Café – Saturday Morning

During better times the UVRC hosts Saturday morning runs in downtown Lebanon. Going to Lucky's afterwards is a common past time but unfortunately the group runs as well as the café gatherings are on hold.


UVRC has continued to offer their popular Couch-to-5k program, albeit very differently. In Spring 2020 we had a virtual program hosted through Zoom and Fall 2020 are exploring a small scale, in-person program. While the program isn't as large or accessible as it has been in the past, we will continue to find creative and safe ways to provide it.

Zoom Pub Nights

Once a month UVRC likes to get out to socialize. There's usually running beforehand but some show up just for the beer. Like many of our activities, pub nights have been put on hold.


Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday Night Track

  • Do I have to post something?
    No you don’t need to post anything. But I know that runners like to share their aches, and pains as well as triumphs. So feel free to comment, “I felt good until the 4th interval”, or “every lap just got better and better!”

Lone Runner Challenge

  • I don’t have a Strava account.  Do I need one?
    The Basic Strava account is free, and simple. But if you don’t want to deal with that, you can still do the challenge, and then share any way you want. You can describe it on FaceBook, send long emails to your friends, or write it on parchment, stuff it in a bottle and float it down the Connecticut River to your friends in the flatlands.But the important thing is to do the run and then share it with the rest of us.
  • How do I post my run so others see it?
    Do your run and upload it like normal. Edit your description (create that funny story or write that poem) add the photos.To share, copy the URL of that page, it will look like: https://www.strava.com/activities/(123somelongnumber789). Then go to the original challenge and create a comment there by clicking on the squarish speech bubble. Write some words and paste in the link.
  • How do I comment on someone else’s run?
    Follow the link they posted back to their original activity, and add your comment there.

UVRC Cafe & Pub Nights – Zoom sessions

  • How do I connect to the Cafe / Zoom Session?
    You will receive an email with a link in it.  Just click on that link and your browser will open.  If you have never used Zoom, the website will ask you if you would like to download and install the Zoom-app.  You do need it.  It is free.  As it connects it ask you about using your computer’s camera, microphone.  Say yes to those questions and you will soon be in our zoom session.
  • Who Pays for Zoom? The App is free, the company “Zoom” makes its money of connecting the app session. They offer free versions of the connection.  But UVRC also has a license which allows a few other features.
  • I am not a member of UVRC.  Can I see what it is like?  Yes you can.  Just email me and I’ll send you the link.

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