Board Meeting – March 2019

March 11, 2019

Town of Lebanon Building

UVRC February Board Meeting Minutes

Present: (Board*): Jim Burnett**, Geoff Dunbar*, Dorcas DenHartog*, Amanda Kievet* Joffrey Peters*, Paul Coats*

Jim called the meeting to order: 6:35 pm


  1. Added 3/10/19 – Jared Rhoads announcement about a possible new indoor recreational facility in Lebanon. Jared seeks advice from UVRC as to whether the board thinks an indoor facility – including a 200m+ suspended 3-lane track – is in demand and sustainable in the Upper Valley.

Action Item – Geoff Dunbar: send a survey to UVRC members. Question: should we survey local running coaches’ interest as well?


  1. Mission Statement – brief discussion of committee summary of new proposed mission statement (Paul and Tiffany) Link to Mission Statement.

Mission Statement accepted.


  1. Tim Smith’s report:–

Coaching: “spoke with my old college coach about what it takes to be a coach and he has assigned me a reading list starting withJack Daniels.  I also talked with Heidi Caldwell about educating myself and she told me she learned a lot from the USTFCCCA Endurance coach training camp (College Coach Association).”


Summer TNT: “In the past we used Dartmouth’s mid-June-Aug, and HHS before and after that.  We one time asked permission to use the HHS track, which was understood as asking to rent it.  We couldn’t afford it. So have just shown up as “community members.”


Action item: Dorcas will approach HHS AD about using the track as community members, offer members to volunteer or buy something for the facility so we are good neighbors and stewards. Also, investigate Hanover Rec. Department’s spring/summer youth track program to see if there will be an overlap of use.


Geoff – Newsletter – last issue, positive response;  UVRS – got press in the Valley News;. Shamrock Shuffle coming up.


Paul – CBHM start line/taking over Kim’s role. Per Mike Silverman: Kim’s role included everything on the List.

Action Item: UVRC needs to fill that role with one or more people: Ideas: Bill and Sarah Young; Allan and Barbara Callaway; Tom and Pam Moore; Jared and Becky Rhoades.


  1. Volunteer Program report: Paul and Jim:
  2. No response to Paul’s email asking for volunteers for Shamrock Shuffle.
  3. Race Volunteering proposal:
  4. Three weeks before an event, send email to UVRC members with a survey to sign up for specific volunteer positions in the upcoming event. e.g.
  • Water stop, 8-10am, mile 2
  • Registration
  • Cleanup 10-12 noon
  1. Data from the survey goes in a spreadsheet to Paul Coats (or race director).
  2. Day of race, volunteers check in with race director to confirm their attendance (and points towards earning Trucker hat!) as well as race responsibilities.
  3. What races need volunteers?

Gonnerman’s have agreed – in principle – to track attendance of volunteers at estimated twelve events.

Volunteers contact Geoff for UVRS races; Paul the contact for Lebanon Rec events; Amanda the contact for social events,

Action Item: Jim will create list of events needing volunteers.


Action Items:

Alex – change “Contact” name on website to Jim Burnett from Tim Smith

Alex – create a link on UVRC website to Couch to 5K info (Mary Peters, Kristen Coats)


Paul: announcement, he and Kristin taking a year off, a sabbatical, to travel. He will bring a Lebanon Rec. Department staff member to future board meetings to get them up to speed.

  1. Next meeting: Monday, April 8, 6:30pm, Lebanon Town Office, West meeting room. Updates due to by Monday, April 1st. Board meeting is posted on Meetup


Agenda for next meeting:

  1. Forwarded: Social media discussion – Action Item: led by Amanda, Laura P., Alex, Joffrey (30)


Respectfully submitted,


Dorcas DenHartog, Secretary


(Action Item list by board member on next page.)



Action Items by Board Member

Members – Please review and/ or enter a proposed deadline for each of your action items


  • Dorcas


  • Paul


  • Certifying more members to drive the (new!) van. April 2019


  • contact Mike Silverman, define job description and narrow down candidates for CBHM Start Area coordinator(s). Possible candidates Tom and Pam Moore, Bill and Sara Young, Hillary and Patrick Wheeler, Barbara and Alan Callaway…
  • Amanda


  • Form Committee on “UVRC Social Media” to include Joffrey, Laura P, Rebecca, Alex, others? To bring a proposal to March meeting on how UVRC can best use Facebook, MeetUp, Strava, Twitter (or not), UVRC Website to communicate with members. – March 11, 2019 board meeting, forwarded to April 8th board meeting
  • Tiffany


  • Tim


  • Coaching Program Coordinator.
  • Jim


  • Action Item: Jim and Rebecca meet to create Volunteer survey and spreadsheet for March meeting. Include Mike and Betsy Gonnerman once it is ready to roll.



  • Alex – presented by Paul


  • Leb, Rec. and UVRC Websites Coordinators


  • Rebecca


  • Reach out to Hillary Young, Mike Kokko, Ken Stone about Clothing


  • Mary Peters, Kristen Coats


  • C25K Program


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