August 2020 Board Meeting

6:00 pm via Zoom meeting. 

Attendance: Rebecca Stanfield-McCown, Amanda Kievet, Dorcas DenHartog, Krissy Flythe, Joffrey Peters, Tim Smith, Geoff Dunbar, Jim Burnett, Alex Hall, (guests) Matt Sherman, Robert Jones (RJ), 

Absent: Paul Coats, Tiff Currier

Jim called to order, 6:05 pm

Agenda/Action Items for August Meeting, 8/11/20

  • Amanda - Q&A with potential new board members and discussion of board structure going forward.
  • Explaining to RJ, Matt, Keriann about board member position responsibilities.
  • Volunteer oversight - including Mt. Washington RR - Gonnermans; pacing for Covered Bridges - Rebecca S-McG;  Tim Smith - TNT/remote racing program, Krissy Flythe/Paul Coates- Lebanon Parks and Recreation/; Dorcas-Secretary, Saturday Group Runs/Lucky’s - Hannah Taska; C25k: Kerianne and Scott King;
  • UVR Series, NH Grand Prix Series (Geoff Dunbar - website manager and connection); Website and membership data manager - Alex Hall
  • Tim and Jim - debrief on restarting group runs 
  • First Saturday Omer and Bob’s group run. Five people, respectful distancing, 
  • Future runs: always have/require a mask. If social distancing is not followed by attendees then runs will be cancelled. (Jim) People have been meeting on their own for Sat. runs, let’s give it another week or two and see how it goes, letting people know the expectations; and whoever is in charge of the run should be able to say ‘if you can’t ‘check all the boxes’ you can’t run; masks are mandatory if you are running with people you don’t live with. (Rebecca) - start earlier? Fewer people already on the rail trail; suggest different rail trail points to group up or (Alex) rotate different starting points for the Saturday morning runs, eg. Huntley Meadows, Norwich, VT (Turnpike or Bragg Hill) - 9 am; Thetford’s park and ride OR Thetford Academy parking lot and run their xc trails. 
  • Club Policy - if you are running on a club run, you must 1) wear a mask 2) pull it up when you approach and pass (an)other runner(s) 3) practice social distancing 
  • TNT: Still on hold
  • Krissy- Shared the Lebanon P&R protocols for outdoor activities
  • Dorcas -  C25k final 5k event - was August 1st/final week on the Mascoma River Greenway (MRG)- numbers were down - she heard from about 4-5 interested in doing it on their own. 
  • Carly’s mobility zoom classes- Low to one person/meeting attendance; time to stop; Dorcas will send an email to alert people that we thank her but we will not be going forward on it.  Who knows what winter will look like. ‘ enough for now, maybe later.
  • Jim - Support Girls on the Run, Hartford HS, Tanya Sorensen 
  • Yes, we want to support this group. Geoff notes that - we are an adult running club, not a charity organization; should contact our email list and ask for donations? Alex - We the board have the authority and it is within our mission statement to support them, but right now it is an ad hoc move, unlike the scholarship which is a budget item. It’s a bad precedent to have to have this discussion everytime someone asks us.  Krissy - how can we be equitable to all Girls on the Run and others that ask/don’t ask us. Tim -  we may be under budget because of COVID this year. Rebecca - we need to make a decision about Hartford GOTR, but also a longer discussion about how we let organizations know that we have dollars to support 
  • Dorcas will contact Tonya about a link for members to voluntarily donate via online link to Hartford’s GOTR. 
  • Amanda - update on new UVRC website launch
  • Alex - 

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