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All in this together! CVR/UVRC/GMAA

By: Donna Smyers

I joined UVRC recently and nearly always belong to GMAA even though I live near Montpelier and am quite involved with Central Vermont Runners. I joined because so many of my friends and other CVR members are also members of GMAA and UVRC and both clubs put on great events and have interesting workouts emailed weekly. Races from both clubs are within about an hour drive of my house, and running clubs put on the best inexpensive races without commercial hoopla.

In this almost post Covid year, it will be great to get back to some in person events. I somehow became over-raced doing >20 virtual events last year and am not motivated to continue beating myself up on my own. That’s what the rest of the field is for, right? As of now, CVR has 2 upcoming races that we hope we can hold with appropriate social distancing strategies. Of course, Governor Scott could make things change, but right now the outdoor recreation event guidelines seem to allow what we are planning. I’m hoping I can meet some more UVRC members at these events—at a 6 foot distance of course!  

April 24 is the historic Paul Mailman 10 Miler and 5K in Montpelier. Paul Mailman 10 Miler is one of the oldest continuously held (2020 doesn’t count) races in Vermont. As of now, we have the permits and plan to start in small waves based on projected finishing times. Here is the page with all the info:

I am the race director for the Adamant Half Marathon and Relay on May 8. This race changed from a 20 Miler to a Half Marathon in 2019 and then of course was only Virtual in 2020, so we are only actually holding it for the 2nd time. It is a very scenic hilly course, but you can split the course 8/5.1 miles with a relay partner. We had quite a contingent of Dartmouth Running Club members attend the 2019 event, so they may make the trek up from the Valley again in 2021. You can check it out here:

I hope to make it to the Upper Valley for some events as soon as possible and hope to see some of you up this way soon!

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