Board Meeting – October 2019

October 21, 2019

Lebanon Town Hall

UVRC September Board Meeting Minutes


(Board*): Jim Burnett**, Dorcas DenHartog*, Alex Hall*, Tim Smith *, Amanda Kievet*, Geoff Dunbar*, Tiffany Currier*, Krissy Flythe(*)

Not present: Paul Coats (on sabbatical)*, Joffrey Peters*, Rebecca Stanfield McCown*, TNT

  1. Jim Meeting called to order 6:37pm
  2. Tiffany’s report: UVRC clothing orders.  
    1. She’s working with Top Stitch (TS)  to set up a UVRC apparel store, will meet with TS rep there on Monday about a hard cost for opening orders, fall and spring -ordering for fall/winter, spring/summer gear. It can all be done online, virtual store. 
    2. Embroidery (less than 20 min) vs. screen printing (needs 20 minimum)
    3. Quality brands and materials – but not Brooks (Tim); Tiffany will ask if we order our preferred brands and Topstitch do the embroidery. 
    4. Warmup jacket and pants option preferable (Jim); ventilation panel back of jacket is nice; reflective additions would be nice (esp. Winter TNT/Occum Pond)
    5. Store could be open this winter if using limited apparel brand options – preference jackets and pants). Best to start small (Geoff). 
  3. Tim’s report: TNT
    1. balancing TNT coverage with Jim – went well. Late October 30 plus people!
    2. Winter TNT- four workouts rotating every month; it makes sense to continue the ‘speed maintenance’ routine. Tim will write the workouts.
    3. Rob Daniels has offered to take over leading the winter workouts for Tim, December – February, taking it up again come Shamrock Shuffle time. 
    4. Tim – consider moving from HHS track to Occum after daylight savings time? until after Turkey Trot? Consider HHS track work, Couch to 5K ends and may add more to TNTs. Decision: move to Occum for safety, efficiency, more inviting for C25K runners. 
    5. C25K leaders, Chuck and Janet Morgan, and Keriann – share with them Occum map and let them know that this option is open to them, or they can also reach out to c25K members to plan their own workouts. 
      1. Action item: invite C25K leaders to come to next board meeting and how we can integrate and continue to support these new runners. 
    6. Krissy: will send out a survey to C25K members about their experience(s) in the program. 
  1. Amanda’s report: Social committee
    1. Annual banquet, Saturday, November 9th. Same as last year — Maple Street Catering (Laura Hagley), at Occum Pond/DOC House (Mike Silverman). BYOBeer and BYODesserts. She will send out member email and volunteer requests for people to help make it fun.
      1. Action Item (Jim): At banquet solicit help and interest in contributing to planning fun Social committee events. 
      2. Action Item (Amanda): contact Nancy about Jingle Bell run. 
  2. Rebecca’s report: Social committee
    1. pattern/color scheme chosen; The minimum order is 35, they will cost between $15.25-$16 each. So we are looking at at least $560.
      1. ***Action Item (Jim): contact Gonnermans – how many volunteers have earned a hat so we can give them out at the banquet (11/9/19)
  3. Jim: Carly Wynn to offer a free class to what Open Door can offer runners/athletes. 
  4. Alex: Social/Technology.
    1. Action Item: to write up a blurb to be used throughout our social channels, that would explain 1) join the club to receive 2) Follow the club on Facebook 3) get MeetUp notifications. Once we have that, whoever is in control of the channels can update the “About” sections and add it to repeating events on Meetup.
    2. Alex does not expect to be webmaster much longer; looking for someone/needs to recruit someone to do it. 
      1. Amanda has an idea and would like to be involved with building it, but not with maintaining it.
      2. Joffrey is familiar with the technology; he may be interested. 
      3. Could be between the two of them there is a good balance of time, interest, skill.
    3. Action Item (Amanda): be prepared by next Board Meeting to present her ideas. 
    4. Action Item (Alex): reach out to club to see who might like to be involved. 
    5. Action Item (Alex, Amanda, Krissy): communicate together in the transition of data streams, databases, to new site; they will updated Board at each meeting. 
  1. Jim and Krissy: Roster report. 
    1. Change to the calendar year (January – December (12 months) OR current October 1-December 31 (15 months) – stay same: 
      1. Action Item (Krissy): will send membership email re: open early-enrollment October 1st that is good through December 2020. 
    2. Current enrollment: 317 members
  1. Jim: Update on discussion with Gate City Striders director.
    1. Masters use age-graded times; runners who run faster can score points in both open and age-graded.
    2. Xc scoring would be used
    3. Currently best way to be successful: 3 people/each of 12 age groups. This new way, with only 15 people, you could be successful. 
    4. Could possibly be four titles: open men, open men, age-graded men, age-graded women. 
    5. Scheduling meeting is mid-December with Gate City Striders, Greater Derry Track Club, UVRC, . . .  some interest in a wide track/trail race. 
      1. Action Item (Jim and NH running club directors): ask if they would like this new system. 
  2. Geoff: budget item
  3. Tim: 
    1. suggests a coaching presentation on how to train for a goal race, the reasoning behind a training plan. Opportunity to lay out the 2020 race calendar. Hold at the Howe Library meeting space. In January and/or February 2020; a panel discussion open to everyone. 
    2. Also suggests UVRC attend a race outside of New Hampshire/a New England race. 

Next Meeting: 

  • Monday, November 18th, 6:30 at Lebanon Town Hall

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