Main Street Mile

Main Street Mile

Your Fastest Mile of the Year!”

Hanover, NH
May 17, at 7:00 pm

Yes that is an evening race!

Pre-Registration for “regular runners” (full fee & including a hat!) is at:
 Main Street Mile – Hanover Rec

Students who don’t want a hat can register the day of the race at the Finish Line.  Make sure you arrive early enough so you can get to the starting line, 3/4 of a mile away.


Day of Race Registration
You can register on the day of the race.  The Registration Tent is at the Finish Line, on the Dartmouth Green.

regular/early $15
student special/early $5
Note: Regular fee gets you a great hat.  If a student would like a hat, just register with the regular fee.

Race Course
The race starts by the Hanover Country Club/North end of Occum Pond, and goes south on Rope Ferry, which then turns into Main Street.  The last quarter mile is a loop around the Dartmouth Green,  with the last 150m diagonally across the green.

We are encouraging teams/clubs/houses/fraternities/sororities to challenge each. The challenges are meant to be informal and just for fun, there are no prizes, just bragging rights.  Part of the reason for the $5 student fee is to encourage these challenge.

How do you do this?

  • Challenge your friend’s group or your arch-rival.
  • Agree on a scoring system (see suggestions below).
  • Email me and I will see that you have access to result right away. Send me:
    • name of your team and rival(s)
    • which score system you are using
    • name & email of contact
    • email to:
  • Or just send me questions.

Scoring systems
You are in charge of scoring your own challenge, so it could be as simple as counting how many runners each team has.  If performance matters I suggest cross-country scoring

  • Classic cross-country scoring.  Each team adds up the places of there first five finishers, lowest score wins.
  • If your team is small, you could use just the first three finishers.  If you have a lot of runner, agree on some larger number.
  • We will post overall places, but also place by gender.  I suggest using this number so you can create a mixed-gender team.

Day of Race
At the end of the race there will be a table with raw results for the team captain or your designated scorer.  You will then simply find your runners in the results, add up their places to get your team’s score, and compare scores with your rival.  We will be delighted to announce challenge win to everyone.  You are then invited to gloat over your rivals (until next time).