July 17th Board Minutes

July 17th Board Meeting

Present: Betsy, mike, Paul, Steve, Geoff, Jim, Rebecca, Lori

Previous Action Items

  • Jim- set-up marathon training run, club will pay for the beverage, Jim will get reimbursed for
    • Ideas for Sunday Run
      • Sundays- get a fast runner there so a speedier group will feel welcome
      • Put water at the Gonnerman’s
  • Nate’s race car pool- Rebecca
  • Kim- fiddle head five planning happening
  • Race series prizes are done!
  • Steve- newsletter article on volunteers happened and talk to Dave about certification, Paul now knows the process but hasn’t done the paperwork and can help others in the club

New Items

  • Article on Mt. Washington in Feb. newsletter
  • Dave Sullivan- he was a webmaster of another club, he is now an administrator the website, and Geoff is looking into giving him control on the mailing list and he will keep the list confidential.
  • Should we be posting a list of the members on the site, in a password protected portion of the site, do we put up an announcement up every month welcoming new members and listing them by name
  • Inspire active living series starts next week, Kim has brought in someone from Florida to talk
Laura Hagley is doing Sept.
  • What about family membership? We have no one that has stepped up to run kids programs
  • Race/running event in Canaan by Lori and Jim with cookout and BBQ- work with social committee
  • Winter Wild UVRC team?
  • 100 on 100 two UVRC teams
  • Should we be encouraging more series participation
    • NH Grand Prix we are encouraging
    • New England Grand Prix is different level of competition and might not be what many of us are looking for
  • Kim- will continue coaching, Jim can serve as a backup if she would like it
  • UVRC is setting up a volunteer tent for Mascoma Man coming up, Lori will check in on how the volunteer recruiting is going
  • Betsy and Mike as the new runner profile

Upper Valley Race Series Wrap Up

  • good way to recruit new members
  • Tuck run was the least organized – timing was off, no age group prizes
  • Should we focus on side 
  • Not much feedback from race directors but those that reported back all good
  • Try to single sign up next year- make it deal
  • Races were bunched together, might want to spread them out
  • Our goal is to bring attention to local races
  • Build club membership into the single registration
  • Strollers and dogs- what about races with dogs and people running with strollers
  • How do we reach people that aren’t in the club
  • Putting out a flyer, printed material
  • Start planning November
  • Announce looking for people to serve on the series committee, put that out 2-3 weeks before the first meeting
  • Fall racing series? We are a little tapped out, would we stretch it out over the year
    • Canaan race on August 4th coming back this year, could help us extend the series
Fall foliage as part of the series
  • New England runner- club news

Action Items

  • Lori will send out the carpool info before the race because Rebecca is away from Internet (Rebecca will set up survey and email for Lori to push send on)
  • Geoff/Paul will give David Sullivan mailing list and prototype a team roster on website
  • Start planning for the UVRS in the Fall- UVRS committee

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